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Rwanda Gorilla Tours – Gorilla Cousins Rwanda is one of Rwandas‘ best Gorilla Tour operators with undisputed excellence in organizing both tailor-made and scheduled Gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

With over 10 years of operation, our proven track record in organizing the best Rwanda safari holidays is attested by the various reviews that our previous clients have written about their safaris with us.

Rwanda Gorilla Tours At Gorilla Cousins Rwanda we focus on guiding your way to the best adventure tour; our wildlife and gorilla safaris are designed to fit within the expectations of each individual traveler and guess what every tour can be customized to meet the needs of the group or individual client. Enjoy your gorilla trip in Rwanda with us! Read More

Rwanda Gorilla Tours 2020 Gorilla Trekking Rwanda Gorilla Cousins

1 Day Gorilla Trekking Tour in Rwanda
1 Day Gorilla trekking trip in Rwanda,brings travelers with the shortest Rwanda Safaris giving them the most memorable gorilla trekking experience in volcanoes national. Read More

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2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking safari
On the first day of your 2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking safari, your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda tour guide will pick up at the Kigali International Airport and brief you on your upcoming 2 day Gorilla trek. Read More

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3 Days Rwanda Gorilla tracking safari
3 Days Rwanda Gorilla tracking tour – Amazing gorilla experience in a 3 days Rwanda gorilla tracking tour to Rwanda, offering travelers the best of gorilla tracking activity in their tour to Rwanda. Read More

Rwanda Gorilla Tours 2020 Gorilla Trekking Rwanda Gorilla Cousins

3 Days gorilla and golden monkey trekking tour
On the first day of your 3 Days Rwanda Gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking tour, your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda tour guide will pick up at the Kigali International Airport. Read More

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3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek and Musanze caves
3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek and Musanze caves safari involving gorilla trekking, a Rwanda cultural experience at Ibylwacu cultural centre and a visit to the musanze caves. Read More

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3 Days Rwanda wildlife Safari
3 Days Rwanda wildlife Safari see you at Akgera national park .Akagera national park is located in the eastern region of Rwanda and the park is bordering Tanzania. Read More

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4 Day Gorilla and Golden monkey trek and Bisoke hike
4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari offers three activities in the Rwanda safaris they include gorilla tracking at Volcanoes national park,mountain climbing at Bisoke, and golden monkey tracking at the Volcanoes national park. Read More

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5 Days Rwanda Safari
5 Days Rwanda Safari, your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide will meet you at the Kigali International Airport and give you a quick briefing of the upcoming schedule for the next few days. You will then board the vehicle and commence the journey to Akagera National Park. Read More

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6 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari
6 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari takes you to visit Rwanda and Uganda involving gorilla trekking and golden monkey tracking at volcanoes national parks a second gorilla trekking at the Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda and cultural adventure. Read More

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6 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari
6 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari, your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda tour guide will pick up at the Kigali International Airport and brief you on your upcoming 6-day Rwanda Gorilla Tracking safari. Read More

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7 Days Gorilla trekking and Karisimbi Hike
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7 Days Rwanda Safari
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8 Day Rwanda and Uganda – Gorilla Trekking
8 Days Rwanda and Uganda Safari combines both gorilla trekking at Volcanoes National Park and Mountain Karisimbi Climbing. Get an opportunity to cross over to Uganda for more Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Read More

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8 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trekking safari
8 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari involving top safari activities including gorilla and golden monkey trekking, Dian Fossey hike, Musanze caves tour, mount Karisimbi hike , Lake Kivu boat cruise and the Congo Nile trail. Read More

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11 Days Rwanda Adventure Safari
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Gorilla Trekking Tours in Rwanda, Uganda and the DR Congo

Gorilla trekking is one of the most savored safari activities in Africa. Listed as critically endangered species by the IUCN, there close to 900 Mountain Gorillas left in the world further divided into two populations, one is found in the Virunga region within three national parks, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Mgahinga Gorilla national park in Uganda and Virunga national park in Congo.

Gorilla trekking Tours in Rwanda
Gorilla trekking Tours in Rwanda

The other population is found in the Bwindi impenetrable forest in Uganda, considered by some primatologists to be a different subspecies. At Gorilla Cousins we offer several safari packages to track the mountain Gorillas in the available gorilla trekking destinations.

Our Uganda, Congo and Rwanda Gorilla trekking tours can be combined with several adventurous activities within and around the different national parks to give you the ultimate adventure in east Africa.

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris: Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is done at Volcanoes National park, within the park there are several activities that can be added to your gorilla trek including Golden Monkey trekking, Visiting the Musanze caves, a visit to the iby’lwacu cultural center, Dian fossey hike, Mount Bisoke hiking. You can also opt to visit additional Rwanda parks including Akagera national park for wildlife and Nyugnwe forest national park for chimpanzees and other primates.

Uganda Gorilla Safaris: There are two parks in Uganda where you can go mountain gorilla trekking including Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. There are several other activities that can be done in Uganda since the country has several other game parks which you can visit before or after your gorilla trek. Some destinations you can visit if you have longer safari days in Uganda include the Murchison falls national park, Kibale forest national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mburo national Park, Rwenzori Mountains National park and many others.

Congo gorilla tours: The DR Congo has both the mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas which can be tracked in Virunga national park and Kahuzi- Biega national park respectively. While planning a congo gorilla trek, among additional activities to consider include hiking mountain Nyiragongo an active Volcano.

Gorilla Families in Rwanda

Hey you excitedly smiling about your trekking experience! Your journey to the Volcanoes national park for the ultimate thrilling experience to do gorilla tracking safaris shall not cut you short. This game park is really parked and ready to bring out the best to give you immediately you reach in here.

Gorilla Trekking Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

The reliable, dependable and courteous team of rangers ready enough equipped with just the right information to avail to you in response to your inquiries.

This is also coupled with the big tour operators joyous ever willing to help guides from Gorilla cousins Rwanda tours and travel. Before we forget, can we brief you on the vast number of habituated mountain gorillas in the remarkable Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park? As we bring to your attention about the various gorilla families here, we expound our excitement for the Gorilla cousins Rwanda today exploring the several habituated gorilla families Rwanda are only sighted at Volcanoes national park in Musanze district at the Uganda border ranges of Virunga and these gorillas are already habituated readily available for gorilla tracking, and trekking safaris while at the worldwide population mountain gorillas.

Apparently, the giant yet most endangered mountain gorilla’s species are dominantly found in the three East African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. The remarkable Rwandan country as over 10 family gorillas already habituated and freely available for trekking tours and tracking safaris.

However, for research purposes, there are two gorilla families put aside for research purposes. Up to today, the land of a thousand hills “Rwanda” is popular for several reason like the 1994 inhuman act of the genocide, and gorillas wise, Dian Fossey’s effort in studying conduct and behaviors of the gorillas and her efforts to see that these endangered wild species closely related to Humans is duly ad fully conserved from bad hands of those that kill. And her conservation efforts led to her death. Gorilla cousins Rwanda tours and travel today takes time to give you the different traits that each habituated gorilla family group has in Rwanda. By any means what you seek for is not included, kindly engage Gorilla cousins Rwanda tours and travel team with an inquiry and you will definitely be attended to.

Susa Gorilla Family

This gorilla family is named after River Susa which runs through the area where Susa gorilla group normally call home. Susa gorilla family is indeed historical and one of the popular groups in as far as conservation studies of mountain gorillas is concerned. During Dian Fossey’s stay in Rwanda, she studied the Susa family prior her death in 1985.

Ever in higher altitudes in normal circumstances makes its tracking so hard hence Susa gorilla family is the hardest family to track here in the volcanoes national park. In most cases, they further to the top that some days tourist is stopped from tracking them. The Susa gorilla family used to be the gorilla family with the highest number of members about 42 in numbers however due to separations, fights and other issues have led to reduction in its number and now it has about 28 members with 3 silverbacks as well as two twins of Impano and Byishimo. Susa Group is thus for those tourists who are adventurous, like long and hard treks and above all would love to meet the twin gorillas. If you want to meet the twin gorillas in the Volcanoes national park, you must be physically fit and ready to have long treks to the higher altitudes. Kindly contact us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda tours and travel for an ultimate experience of trekking the twin gorillas.

Sabyinyo Gorilla Family

Located in Uganda– Rwanda border is the Sabyinyo Mountain where this gorilla family’s name was derived from however these gorillas are in the Rwandan side of the mountain. There is one great trait embedded in this family group that is it has the biggest silverback called, Guhonda but wonderfully the easiest to track of all the gorilla families existent in the Volcanoes national park the easier part of trekking it makes it the most favorite gorilla family to track by many tourists because it is always at the lower slopes of the Sabyinyo and Mgahinga mountains. These family group of gorillas is also made up of 2 silver backs with the first in command being Guhonda the largest. Second in command is Ryango. Three female adults and three juveniles are the part of the population of this Sabyinyo gorilla family. For more about this Sabyinyo gorilla family, kindly engage us at for a taste of what Volcanoes national park can offer as far as the gorilla trekking safaris is concerned.

Amahoro Gorilla Family

Amahoro is a name given to too many valuable places and things in Rwanda. Amahoro is a word in Kinyarwanda meaning “peace” and it was also given to this gorilla family group as a name. The gorilla members in this family group are so as peaceful as their name says and not in any incidences have, they been recorded in any harsh circumstances. Amahoro gorilla family group is led by a dominant silverback called Ubumwe meaning “togetherness.” So, in case you want to track the most peaceful and togetherness bonded gorilla family, kindly let us know and we arrange your gorilla safari to track the Amahoro family group. Oftenly, Amahoro gorilla group is observed roaming on the slopes of Mountain Bisoke and trekking it is not either hard like Susa and not as easy as Sabyinyo thus it is a medium range of hardships. In case you want trek it, get ready for the real ultimate awesome experience.

Amahoro gorilla family currently has seventeen individuals including Ubumwe the dominant silver back, two black backs, five juvenile gorillas, five adult females, and four young gorillas. Mountain gorilla families keep on changing in terms of members. Relax, sit back and hit our Gorilla cousins Rwanda tours and travel site for the details about these gorilla family groups in Rwanda.

Formerly known as the 13 Group, Agashya gorilla family had 13 members living together as a family but due to better conservation methods by the government of Rwanda, the group has expanded to 25 Members. This gorilla family is named after Agashya who is the dominant silverback and the leader of the group.

Agashya gorilla family has one dominant silverback, twelve mature females, three juveniles and seven young gorillas thus twenty-five individuals in total. Initially, Agashya gorilla group was headed by a silverback known as Nyakairima but after a deadly fight, Agashya overpowered him and took over the leadership. Nyakairima left with no choice had to leave the group. Agashya silverback was very ambitious having expanded the group from 12 members to 25 members. Agashya gorilla group is normally found in the foothills of mountain Mgahinga and Sabinyo and once in a while this group moves uphill. It is believed that Agashya is so protective that whenever he senses danger, he will direct the whole gorilla group to move from downhill to uphill. For a thrill in the gorilla tracking experience, permits booking and the whole safari arrangement, kindly engage us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda tours and travel for your gorilla tracking safaris or trekking tours.

Umubano Gorilla Family

After Charles breaking off from the Amahoro family group, some other males followed him too and they formed this Umubano gorilla family group. This gorilla family group is made up of 7 members including 1 silverback that is Charles. Want to track this family? Well welcome to Gorilla cousins Rwanda tours and travel inbox for more details.

Kwitonda Gorilla Family

Kwitonda literally means “Humble one” and Kwitonda is a dominant silver back of this family group and it is after it that the family group was named. This gorilla family is constituted of 18 members led by 2 silverbacks

Hirwa Gorilla Family

This is the newest gorilla family group at Volcanoes national park. It is made up of 9 members led by one silver back. It has partially few members of the Sabyinyo family gorilla group.

You can book your safari today and track the newly habituated family group in Volcanoes national park. For any gorilla trekking safari, kindly contact us via our inbox for any inquiries and safari arrangements.

For all your gorilla trekking safaris, Gorilla tracking tours. Gorilla adventures. Rwanda safaris African safaris. East African safaris. Welcome to our inbox for all the answers you need prior booking.

Frequently asked questions about gorilla trekking

Where can I go for gorilla trekking?

The mountain gorillas are found within 3 countries in 4 national parks: Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks in Uganda and lastly the Virunga national park in the DR Congo.

When is the best time to trek the gorillas?

The Mountain gorillas stay in mountainous tropical rainforests which can be hard to track during rainy seasons. For one to therefore get the most of their paid fee, it advisable for one to book their gorilla safaris in the dry months of June, July, August, early September, December, January and February. However since these parks are in tropical rainforests, it sometimes rains even in some of the drier months.

What is the cost of the gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo?

The Gorilla trekking permit is a document that can be purchased from the different authorities in charge in the three gorilla trekking destinations to allow you trek and stay with the gorillas for 1 hour.The different authorities in charge of issuing gorilla trekking permits are the Rwanda development board in Rwanda and the Uganda wildlife authority in Uganda. Licensed tour operators like Gorilla cousins are allowed to book the gorilla permits from the concerned authorities.The prices of Gorilla permits vary per country as follows: The Gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda cost $1500, the Uganda gorilla trekking permits cost $600 while the DR Congo gorilla trekking permits cost $400. Uganda however offers low season discounts and the permits in Uganda can be acquired at $450 for the months of May, April and November.

When to book the trekking gorilla permit?

Since the permits are on high demand an a limited number is issued per day, it is advisable for one to book their gorilla trekking permit/tour at least 3 months in advance such that the permits can be reserved while they are still available.

What is included in a gorilla permit?

Gorilla trekking permits allow visitors a maximum of 1 hour with the mountain gorillas. The fee also caters for park entry, services of the park rangers and staff. A portion of the gorilla permit fee is used by the different governments to fund gorilla conservation activities.

How long does it take to track the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo?

Gorilla trekking takes between 1 to 5 hours. Among the major factors which determine trekking time include: The last known location of the gorillas (where they slept on the previous night), the movements of the allocated gorilla family, it also depends on how the trekking party you are in is moving.

What is the required age for one to trek the mountain gorillas?

For one to participate in mountain gorilla trekking, they must be at least 15 years old. The authorities are strict on this and travelers must adhere to this rule.
Do you have any further questions about gorilla trekking? Please Contact Us

Where to do Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Where to do tracking gorillas, trekking gorillas from in Rwanda. – Rwanda is remarkably the best destination example in real life for that amazing experience that any ardent traveler is looking for anywhere on earth.

Gorilla Trekking Trips
Gorilla Trekking Trips

This is gem of real fun, exciting safaris, and the magnificent endowments. This hilly smaller country’s attractions and touristic facilities in it will surely wow you! Rwanda’s best location for gorilla trekking safaris is found in the Virunga ranges side that is shared by three countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Each of these countries in equally having the richest jewel of Virunga region that is the mountain gorillas though only Rwanda and Uganda have the golden monkeys found at Volcanoes national park and the Mgahinga gorilla national park. This region is the most loved one in East Africa trust Gorilla cousins Rwanda tours and travel for your gorilla tracking safari in this region and you will know why many tourists and travelers have topped it on their “must travel” list of destinations on earth.

In Rwanda, the mountain gorilla tracking and trekking expeditions are only and only done at the Musanze district Mountainous Park of Volcanoes national park. This game park has been passionately and favorably conserved or gazetted to preserve these gorgeous human related giants of the wild from endangers of the poachers. This park has 10 habituated gorilla families readily available for trekking. These families include Susa gorilla family, Amahoro gorilla family, Kwitonda, Hirwa, Sabyinyo and several other gorilla families.

Around Volcanoes national park is a home to the cultural village of reformed poachers now Iby’iwacu cultural village. The home to the rich culture of Rwanda all in a glimpse on an open eye. The accommodation here is so tremendously blended up to fit in the kind of the experience you will experience during an encounter with the mountain gorillas and other primates like golden monkeys, birds found at volcanoes national park.

Feel like gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda now at Volcanoes national park? Kindly engage us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda for another awesome gorilla tracking expedition and trekking tours. We also help you with gorilla trekking safari availability and do gorilla trekking tours booking.

Estimated Gorilla Trekking Cost

How much does the gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda cost?

With varying charges from one tour operator to another, with gorilla trekking permits each being sold at $1500, the varying costs here may include those accommodation, transport and extra. Though in most cases, the type of the gorilla trekking safari determines the price of the gorilla trekking tour. The client with safari specifications like he/she needs luxury accommodation, 4WD land cruiser car and other amenities during the safari will definitely have an expensive safari irrespective of the number of days compared to the tourist on the budget accommodation, using a tourist van. So, the nature of the cost of the gorilla trekking safari to Rwanda is always determined by the nature of the specifications listed by the client to a larger extent.

However, the most affordable gorilla trekking safari to the Volcanoes National park to have an encounter with its landlords the mountain gorillas for two people on shared accommodation for 2 days range between $ 1,830 – 1,860 per person based on budget accommodation. This is based on what Gorilla cousins Rwanda charges its clients not a general view and we believe that no tour operator beats our prices with the kind of facilities offered. Book your gorilla trekking safari with Gorilla cousins Rwanda to taste and experience the beatable prices and the incomparable services from a team of our knowledgeable, ever willing to help tour guides.

The cost availed above encompasses meals, safari van, fuel and the guides fee, the ground transfers for two days. Gorilla trekking permit and accommodation. This is fairly priced. Get ready for the awesome safari to the Volcanoes National Park for ultimate gorilla trekking safari filled the beautiful experiences that will a mass you the memories that will combine the past experiences accrued from other areas visited without including this park. There is more to do here like the golden monkey tracking that is carried out at $ 100 per person, in other places, you can do the chimpanzee tracking at $ 100 or opt for the wildlife safari at Akagera National park to spice up your safari in the land of a thousand hills.

For more details about how to secure permits or you want us to do so for you, kindly feel free to contact us Gorilla cousins Rwanda and we shall be happily eager to serve you

Why Visit Rwanda

Why do travelers choose Rwanda over its neighbors to visit? There are a number of reasons, the most common one being its easy accessibility to the rare and endangered Mountain Gorillas. Unlike the other two countries that these Silver-backs and their families live in, Rwanda’s proximity to the Kigali International Airport allows quick access to the forests, a mere 2-hour’s drive. Many people come for the day to go Gorilla Tracking, something that is impossible in neighboring Uganda and The Democratic Republic of Congo, the only other habitats for the Mountain Gorillas.

Still others enjoy the good roads, the best in East Africa, making traveling within the country most enjoyable. Rwanda is rebuilding its tourism industry, after a most destructive period of civil unrest. The advantage of visiting Rwanda now is that one finds few travelers on the forest trails and safari roads to interrupt the majestic beauty of the scenery and its wildlife inhabitants. In the big game parks of Kenya and Tanzania, it is difficult to take a picture without another safari vehicle in the frame; in Rwanda this is not an issue.

Rwanda has made a commitment to environmental protection, unlike any other East African nation; here in Rwanda one does not find the garbage strewn about, as in other African countries, a most startling visual feature, that allows visitors to fully enjoy the ‘greenness’ of this land of 1000 hills. Culturally, the people are most welcoming and friendly to visitors, allowing outsiders to come and explore their habitats and learn of their traditional ways. All in all, Rwanda is an excellent choice to make.

Why Gorilla Cousins Rwanda is Your Best Choice

Gorilla Cousins Rwanda have for many years successfully introduced tourists to the treasures of East Africa; based in Kampala, Gorilla Cousins Rwanda serves Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our specialty has been Mountain Gorilla Safaris, but we are also experts in all the offerings in these countries.

Our trained and multi-lingual guides are most knowledgeable in Game Drives, Birding Safaris, Hiking and Mountain Climbing, River and Lake Kayaking trips, Cultural immersion and culinary adventures. Our business is based mostly on personal referrals; repeat visits of our clients speak volumes to our personalized service and attention to detail. Gorilla Cousins Rwanda’s guides and travel consultants are committed to ensuring that each and every client’s needs and preferences are paid attention to.

We know everyone is not the same, and our flexibility in preparing individualized itineraries, focusing on our clients’ choices sets us apart from the dozens of others in this industry. Gorilla Cousins Rwanda is not interested in making a fast buck, we are building a business based on satisfied and loyal clients; we are here for the long run and we are not satisfied until you are satisfied; this is our mission; as a close-knit team, we work together to achieve this goal, and achieve this goal we do – every time.

How impressive is Rwanda?

There is vast and a lot more appealing to you and worthy a try in venturing in during your either gorilla tracking safari, gorilla trekking tour, wildlife safaris, gorilla trekking tours or any other expedition in this country of a thousand hills. Several of your expectations during your travel; to Rwanda will be fulfilled once you get reach into this country. There are so many wondrous details about this country with exclusion of the inhuman disaster that transpired decades ago that saw political powers being switched to a new leader.

The remarkable Rwanda is colorfully the one country that is breaking the already founded world records in all sectors one by one and you should travel to get a glimpse of it personally. Just as it is popularly known to be among the few selected lucky countries to house in our relatives the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzees, the land never stops to give wonders to its visitors and the citizens. In today’s informative article, we shall explore the may be untold of the Rwandan system that few seemingly know yet not so sure of it. For any details or trip to have an on ground observation and feel of what is encompassed in this article, please feel free to engage us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda.

With many countries like USA most known to have the high ranks of employing a bigger percentage to men in the key government offices, Rwanda is off on the top now employing over 60% of women in countless ministerial positions, vital offices Parliament offices and several other strata in the political system. If you are one individual seeking to see women gender shine, come to Rwanda and see for yourself, interact with them and have the service delivered to you by a woman. How about we arrange a Kigali city tour and get time visit the Rwandan parliament and for a glimpse of what happens when the majority of the gender employed is women.

Size wise, Rwanda has a smallest total land area in East Africa but you don’t need to be convinced with what in its small size it has best evidenced by its constant visits by the media personalities and other prominent business personalities, he huge number of tourists visiting to do gorilla tracking safaris, gorilla trekking tours, the chimpanzee trekking expeditions and others like wildlife, sightseeing among many more.

On this same small land area, there is so vast huge ecosystems characterized by lush rainforests of Nyungwe forest national park conserved on the south, the Virunga to the north east, the savannah that sits Akagera national park in the eastern part of the country.Bottom of Form Rwanda really does have it all. To top it off, an impressive array of indigenous flora, fauna, and animal species also call this country home. This country was once amalgamated with Burundi too, suffered a genocide calamity over 20years back but never the less proving to break all the odds in all ways.

When it comes to safety and security for the people and property in East Africa, Rwanda is still unrivaled in this sector though Uganda is also so secure but not compared to Rwanda. Tourists, citizens, business natives have always found treasure inn this area. They keep visit to this town knowing they are safe from any harm. There is no more alarm of harm here after the awkward human slaughter of 1994 called the genocide era.

Rwanda is the only country in east Africa with a local language that is not widely country wide spoken. The Kinyarwanda language is not as widely spoken as French, English and Swahili. Post colonization era of Rwanda by the French colonial masters left French as a language when it was deeply rooted in Rwanda and up to date, French language has persisted and is widely spoken in Rwanda. However, due to an enormous number of refugees influxing the Rwandan country and the east African region as whole, it is turning into a pretty multicultural country with a lot of linguistic diversity.

Despite the magnificence of the blue sparkling waters shown on videos, photographs, the Remarkable Rwanda country has no sea line or open access to international waters mention but a few oceans, seas and extra. This filly qualifies it to be a landlocked country. However due to the rising business and development of common terms to improve regional trade, there are plans being implemented to have a direct access to Tanzania to openly access the Indian ocean from Kigali by use of train all these intended to expand trade capabilities and improving cohesion of the east African region or community.

Animal and environmental conservation is a big priority

In the area of conservation, Rwanda decided to make it undeniably the top pressing priority. Rwanda in 2008 declared Rwanda plastic bags free. This was mainly focused on keeping the country green and reduce the dumping of plastics, polythens bags that don’t not rot in the city and the whole country at large. In addition to what has been in place that includes keeping the legacy of Dian Fossey of conserving the gorillas in the Virunga mountain range thus harboring the endangered mountain gorillas from further exposure to its enemy. To show that keeping the vegetation green, chase a ways dirt caused disease is in Rwanda is real and materialized, a day in a month has been declared for general cleanup of the country each working on his or her surroundings. This is a mandatory participation of all locals at a national level and this community service initiative is called Umuganda. Each resident within Rwanda is mandated to do this and residents have to work within their community sectors on various public works projects, from road maintenance and house building to tree planting and farming.

Most countries like Brazil, Costa Rica Uganda and others produce coffee but there is something unique about this Rwandan coffee that makes it so extraordinarily tasty. It is ranked in the world among the top ones along with the Sipi and several others of Uganda that has enabled it to fetch awards from all over the world coffee like in global cupping competitions as the best cafés, roasters, and artisanal growers are becoming bigger than ever in this remarkable Rwanda.

The remarkable Rwanda’s rate of development is so amusing. One can imagine if this country ever suffered what is talked about it. For instance Kigali its capital city is thriving day by day making it many travelers favorite eating point full of creative foodie hubs that will leave you figure leaking meals and fast snacks with all kinds of meals availed from breakfast to supper both local, regional continental and international dishes present. Away from the meals, there is a sparkle to see in Rwanda made up of blue watered lakes like lake kivu, the twin lakes, the Virunga ranges offering the best scenic views, the coffee farms on the hilly landscapes, the wildlife with the big 5 members, the big cats members like lions at the Akagera national park is so greatly availing an opportunity for you to feed your eyesight with. Also there is a gem of true East African definition of animals that is none other than the mountain gorillas at Volcanoes national park that will see you experience the untold thrill of being in company of the man’s immediate relatives. Best found at Volcanoes national park ideal for gorilla trekking tours and mountain gorilla tracking safaris, golden monkey trekking and several others like birding. Nyungwe forest national park also avails and presents an opportunity to interact ad trek the chimpanzees that are the second nearest animal species to the humans after the gorillas. Visit Rwanda with us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda and explore what you only read and heard. For any other comment that you would love to see us reply to, kindly contact us at Gorilla Cousins Rwanda. Come for the gorillas, but stay for everything else this tiny country has to offer.

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