1 Day Kampala City Tour

A 1 day Kampala city tour is one of the richest experiential trips in east Africa. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda which is the pearl of Africa. It is located in central Uganda and on the shores of Lake Victoria. Kampala is known for a number of interesting facts like many attractions, hospitality of the people, and its unique night life, Kampala is also known as a city that never sleeps. Kampala is formally known as a city of seven hills that have now added up with time. All these seven hills have interesting sites to check out for example: Kampala hill its self that has the Gadhafi mosque, namirembe hill home for Namirembe Anglican cathedral, lubaga hill home of lubaga catholic cathedral, mengo hill that has kabaka’s palace kabaka’s former home, kasubi hill where the kasubi tombs were build that are burial grounds for traditional kings, nsambya hill home for a missionary hospital nsambya hospital   and lastly kibuli hill that has the kibuli mosque.

Your one day Kampala city trip also has many more  different attractions; like the kabaka’s lake which is a manmade lake, the Uganda museum which has many Uganda’s history, archeological aircraft, historical musical instruments and so much more, owino market which is a home of many small traders that has anything you can wish to find, the taxi parks that have a whole diferent experience of transportation from any other, bahai temple an old place of worship, Uganda martyrs shrine that is a home of all the Uganda martyrs that were killed for their faith, ndere center where you will find different cultural dances and activities of Uganda’s culture, craft shops the best places to buy and see the best local art, jewelry, items any many more. There are many more appealing activities to do on your one day Kampala city safari depending on your interest

our one-day Kampala city trip will start early in the morning, where our tour guide will pick you up from your residence so that you start on your Kampala city tour. This 1 day Kampala city trip can be by different means car, motorbike, or by foot depending on the tourist. Each means will give you a different but worth a whole experience. Your first activity will be visiting the Uganda martyrs shrine where you will get an opportunity to see where the Uganda martyrs shrine, their sculptures with guides that will tell you all the stories of why they got martyred. You will also enter the shrine where prayers are always held on the 3 of June the day they were killed, which is also a national public holiday.

After the first visit you will have lunch back in town and then go downtown where we have the owing market to experience the way of trading in Kampala city. You will move around I warn you it will be busy but worth it because it is a whole different experience. If you are interested, you will also buy some eats on the road like our famous roasted groundnuts with fried corn that you will chew on while moving around. You will also see seeing people selling almost everything you can find like food, clothes, herbs, so many more, and also the way they pursued others to buy from them like women calling to plait hair, vending, etc.

When it is done you will head back to the pain part of town where you will go to a crafts shop, craft shoes sell everything locals made from clothes to sculptures, paintings, jewelry, utensils shoes and so many more that you will maybe take back home to remind you of your experience back in Uganda Kampala city. And when you are done with your one-day Kampala city tour you will be taken back to your residence.