1 Day Murchison Falls Safari-Boat Cruise & Game Drive

One day Murchison falls safaris is an experience. Murchison falls is one of the largest national parks in Uganda, which has many interesting attractions like the water animals for example hippos and crocodiles then the animals on land that are so many in number with each interesting fact that will blow your mind like the baboons, elephants, antelopes, giraffes, buffalos, warthogs, black and white colobus monkeys, lions, Jackson hartebeests and so many more. If you are interesting in birding on your one day Murchison falls trip you will see many bird species even on your boat cruise like African skimmer, king fisher, bee eaters and so many more. Not forgetting the famous falls that are so beautiful to watch and take nice memorable photos at.

Murchison falls
Murchison falls

Your one day Murchison falls safari will start very early in the morning, were our drive will pick you up and you will start on your way for your 1 day Murchison falls tour through Masindi. When you get to the park you will first cross over to the other side of the park with the ferry for your first activity. During the drive in Murchison falls national park you will see the famous playful baboons all around in the trees and the roads, it is beautiful to watch

Your first activity on your Murchison falls safaris will be a boat cruise that will start at 11am. On the boat cruise you will have an opportunity to see many water animals like the crocodiles, hippo families. You will also see many bad species so don’t forget a binocular these species will include king fishers, fish eagles. You will also see other animals on the river banks while feeding like elephants, giraffes, monkeys. The boat cruise will take 2 hours then you will go back and have lunch while waiting for the next activity

The next activity on your one day Murchison falls tour will be a game drive. On your game drive expect to see a lot more animals in the nature habitants acting freely in the families hunting, feeding, nursing. with the guide who will introduce each of them to you and while you would want to know more about them. You will have a chance to see elephants, giraffes, buffalos, lions, Jackson hartebeests, hyenas, warthogs, bushbucks. You will also see the more bird species.

And as you finish the game drive you will drive out of Murchison falls national park and this will be the end of your 1 day Murchison safari. Don’t for get to carry your camera, binoculars to capture all the beautiful moments you will get



Boat cruise at 11 for 2 hours


Game drive

End of your one day Murchison falls tour.