Activities at Akagera national park.

For any safari, interesting, exotic and the most spectacular sights are the expectations that every visitor has in mind which makes sense when one visits Akagera National park the best ranked for wildlife sights and sounds the best destination for seeing the uncommon in the daily life of any traveler. Briefly, Akagera National Park is named after a river that is can be sighted with great views flowing through River Kagera. This park is so peculiar in Rwanda that it has its own kind of topography so heterogeneous from the rest of Rwanda’s. Full of undulating hills and mountain ranges but the ark is just on a low ground, filled with open savanna, broad leaved forests, pleasant hills, trees with unique traits, the magnificently beautified lakes and many others which shall take away your breath and make you wondering on how all the spotted beauty is possibly made for and found in one place.

Akagera National Park

What to see?

The Akagera National park is so gifted with animals like the big 5 members (lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, buffaloes.) some members of the big cats, topis, antelopes, duikers, primates, giraffes, zebras, topi waterbucks, oribis, sitatungas and so many more.

Primates like olive baboons, vervet monkeys, rarely spotted blue monkey, and the nocturnal bush babies that decorate the vast open savanna Akagera National park.

On a lucky day, we can spot the black tailed mongoose, catlike genet, black masked civet, bush pigs, and warthogs and may serval cats.

Birds with over 500 species represented here, 100 species are so endemic to only this park the birds here include; shoe bill stocks, papyrus gonoleks, raptors and many more that beat every expectation of any traveler who expected to see good things that are out of their everyday scenery. This is the best place to change the kind off topography most spread all over the remarkable Rwanda.

What to do at Akagera national park?

Day game drives

Akagera National Park

A game drive in the most endowed and wildlife filled park is like unwrapping a present because each game drive holds a hidden treasure that nature is ready to reveal to you in best scenic wondrous way.

 The wildlife hear includes the elephants, leopards, buffaloes, antelopes such as topi, elands, and zebras, giraffes, civets, lions, hyenas, serval cats, rhinos and many others. The mood once you see any amongst them above will change and the whole everything from mood, feeling and sight too since they eyes will need more lenses to see more on the way ahead.

However, we are highly advising you on the following issues while heading out on a game drive.

  • To carry a good camera or phone to capture these wild moments,
  • carry a snack/ lunch also when going for long game drives,
  • Game dives are best when in company of the knowledgeable tour guide best even when with guides who are passionate to serve and knowledgeable enough.
  • And stay in the car unless the guide as surveyed the place and discovered its safety for you to board off the car.

Welcome to Rwanda’s only savanna arena of wildlife and best for Rwanda safaris.

Nocturnal game drives

As dusk comes and all daylight wildlife go to bed, somewhere in the wilderness, a whole new world of rarely spotted species characters surface from the gloom. They emerge/ come out of their hidings because it’s their time too to watch over those sleeping or to eat those resting. There is a mystery always about nocturnal game drives that makes it to effusively, fun, and even more exciting because there are animals that one my fail to have a sight of them during day and they are visibly available at night lingering foal l reasons that are a lot to evaluate. The animals here like the civets, leopards, lions, hyenas and bush babies are so easy to see them at night since some of them are nocturnal animals, some are out to look for prey to have as dinner. The night or nocturnal game drive in Akagera National park starts at 17:00 hours and last for 2 hours. The spotlights are used during the night game drives to see the night creatures at their point of relaxations. You can do both activities both night and day game drive so as to have at least not enough but something more about Akagera national park.

Fishing safaris

One of the many lake s in the land of a thousand hills and specifically Akagera National park where an opportunity is presented to the travelers who re real interested to do fishing safaris as an activity is on Lake Shakani. At Lake Shakani, the activity is done both as a sport and for food so choose where to fall either conservationist or food love but both are best offering equal opportunities only that with sport fishing, you won’t have an opportunity of tasting the products of Lake Shakani. The fish caught here is mostly catfish and tilapia.

What!? There are also occasionally the arranged fishing tournaments that will be a privilege for you to participate in in case there is one during the time we visit here.

There is also about nature here that is best for relinquishing you off the city stress and it’s about less than 3 hours’ drive from the Kigali city hence easily accessible.

Come and enjoy or experience how Rwandeese do fishing safaris. Welcome.

Boat cruises/ launches/boat rides

Oh yes! You cannot reach to this park and see yourself not in the having a water tour on a boat which gives an opportunity to see  what makes Rwanda to call itself to be so remarkable. The beauty of the surrounding, the aquatic wildlife like crocodiles, hippos and many more others, the vegetation and the surrounding plains wow! Most interestingly having an opportunity to see the animals coming to drink water possibly the ones you had missed to see and finally the water birds are present too. This is one activity you ought not to dodge. Let’s go do boat rides with


Bird watching

Akagera National Park - Birding

With over 520 species of birds, bird watchers call this park their hub too. The best to see what they have spent a lot of fortune t see yet not visible and they can easily spot them here. Many birders who have come here are really impressed by what they have seen in this park. Out of over 500 species of birds, 100 are endemic to this park thus making it Rwanda’s best bird watching destination hence ideal for bird watching safaris. More than 40 different kinds of raptors, and in wetland areas, expect to see shoebill stocks.

The bird species here include; African eagles, king fishers, herons, ibises, storks, egrets, crakes, rails, cormorants, darts and pelicans and more.

The season visitors include; large flocks of ducks, bee-eaters and terns. The wood land areas are best to spot particularly, barbets, shrikes, orioles and weavers.

Thank you for making up your mind to do the birding safaris in Rwanda and we can arrange you the guides to execute this very well for your satisfaction. Welcome to inbox for inquiries and bookings.

Nature walks

Nature walks are so peaceful and the most outstanding opportunity to see and appreciate the best nature offers at ac loser range, much slower and easier pace. Talk of what to see like the beautiful butterfly species, the exotic plants, the still water in some swamps and lakes, the water birds, the small animals that are hardly spotted during game drives. There is chance to walk for over 7 kilometers here guided by the best knowledgeable guide to the best areas in the trails. For safety purposes, don’t forge your own way out of the fenced paths. Welcome to Rwanda with Gorilla cousins Rwanda tours and travel.

There is no East African safari that is worthy telling a story if you have not been to the gorillas homes of either volcanoes national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park or Mgahinga gorilla national park and get the best experiences with our giant bush relatives as you have an hour in an encounter with them so we highly recommend that after Akagera National park, join the trekking team at volcanoes national park for gorilla tracking safari with the best tour operator most rated for good service they deliver to their clients.