African Wildlife Viewing Tips

Sorry if your last African expedition bored you or ended up making you regret. Even food to be eaten has a lot of procedures it goes through in order to be enjoyed. So is your would be exhilarating intended safari to the African continent. Trust us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda with the preparations of your next African safari that encompasses: game drives, wildlife seeing, mountain gorilla trekking safaris and several others including birding and get ready to tell the turn around story.

A safari to Africa or particularly Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya could have been in your travel bucket list since your childhood. The time is about now, you have things in place to go on this adventure. Some of your own people may be friends or relatives could have just returned home from the kind of a safari that you dream of and they had a bad experience because of several rationales. Maybe or may be not they did not follow a few tips to get the best feel of wildlife viewing in Africa’s wilderness. For more enlightens, please feel relaxed contacting us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda and we promise to show you what many have praised African continent for.

In your preparations, you realize reaching is not easy Africa. You will have rough travels, safaris are expensive thus expect in return to experience nothing but the best. Prior your travel, kindly do some research, in order to plan, and make sure you have the best African wildlife encounters. You can contact us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda for the best of it all.

We sat down, put together a few experiences and came up with the following essential tips that are ideally best for your African wildlife safari pre-read. Surely if you apply them, consider to have the dream African safari a real dream come true.

Plan in advance

You need to prioritize which animals you badly wouldn’t want tom miss NOT seeing on your African wildlife safari.  Identifying the animals you want to see helps us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda to draft an itinerary taking you to the destination where they are easily seen thus making your dream come true. the animals in your bucket list to encounter with could be the lions “pride of the jungles,” elephants, zebras, impalas, kobs, giraffes and in Rwanda, they are spotted at Akagera national park, in Uganda you can see them at Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park inclusive of climbing lions at ishasha sector of this park and Kidepo valley national park. We can plan easily so identifying the animals to see is essential.

Animal Viewing

Animals are most active at dusk and dawn. It is usually hot in Africa and animals usually hibernate during the mid-day hours. Be sure to do the same. Fruitful game viewing is usually in the early morning or late evening. We shall plan well for you once you book with Gorilla cousins Rwanda your African wildlife viewing safari.


Big 5 (Five).

The excitement of seeing the Big 5 is very enticing and truth be told everyone yearns to encounter with them. The Big 5 include: rhino, buffalo, leopard, lion, and elephant.  Why these animals are called the Big is not because of size but they were the most prized trophies of hunter’s years ago and proved hard for them to catch.

Many travellers at times go back complaining however while on the wildlife viewing safari, don’t be fixed at looking for the big 5, because you may end up being disappointed. Safaris are not just about checking things off your list, it’s about learning from the experiences that you meet, please appreciate this. Create memories.


Though they are crucially essential so as to capture the best moments while in Africa for future reference, don’t waste time and buying big cameras because animals are scared of you, they won’t come close for a portrait. So you just have to spend little money on a small camera with good lenses. this helps to save all the would be much spent money, time, and energy to put yourself in a place of contact with these wild animals, you want to have something to take away from it and keep with you for memories and reflection. Welcome to Africa.

Be safe

Never ever and ever, and I mean ever get out of your car, unless in a safe designated area, or with an armed ranger present. This is the wild where the wild animals freely move and rest at any shrub/ tree, don’t mess with it. You will be surprised at how many people get eaten by lions trying to get that perfect shot. While encountering with animals, keep a safe distance and when in your vehicle keep your windows rolled up.

Take note of the few above mentioned key tips. Wildlife viewing can be fun when you follow and be cautious enough while in the wilderness but can be hazardous once you fail to adhere to few instructions from your guide.  Follow the tips, be careful and be aware that you are in the proximity of wildlife at all times while in Rwanda’s Akagera national park or any other part of Africa for any wildlife safari.