Amahoro Gorilla Family

The most loved peaceful and humble gorilla family group of all the family groups at Volcanoes national park. Amahoro is a Rwandese word meaning peace is one of the gorilla families in Rwanda. This is among the few of the habituated mountain gorillas families ready to tracking are you ready to track them already?  Talk to us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda and we shall secure your Gorilla tracking permit.

Amahoro is simply a peaceful gorilla family. Ask anyone that has managed to track this gorilla family. They will testify that truly all said about Amahoro gorilla family is true as all its family members are very peaceful. Amahoro gorilla family is under the leadership of the dominant silver-back called Ubumwe which means togetherness. If you are looking for a gorilla families that is full of peace and togetherness, then it has to be Amahoro mountain gorilla family. More often Amahoro gorilla group has been observed roaming on the slopes of Mountain Bisoke and those trekking it should expect a medium to harder but awesome experience. You can contact us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda now and we reserve your tracking permit for Amahoro gorilla family.

Amahoro gorilla family currently has seventeen individuals including Ubumwe the dominant silver back, two black backs, five juvenile gorillas, five adult females, and four young gorillas. Mountain gorilla families keep on changing in terms of members because at tie they produce and also loot other weaker families and steal their members. Do you love peace and to  getherness too like Gorilla cousins Rwanda team? then reach to us and we create more peace with other peaceful members of Amahoro mountain gorilla family.