Visit the Batwa Uganda tribe

An encounter with Batwa Uganda tribe

There are more rationales to make journeys to Uganda ranging from the vast attractions, much to do activities that include visiting the Batwa Uganda tribe.

On the fringes of the national park are the last remaining members of the endangered Batwa Uganda that once flourished in the area. A visit to their community is not only a way to learn more about the traditional forest practices of this hunter-gatherer culture, but a way to support a people whose ancient way of life has been almost completely wiped out by modernization.

Their past, beauty and authenticity of their culture will immerse you into Uganda o much. Let the whole safari to the Batwa community commence with your booking and reservation. This is one tribe you can visit while in the south western part of Uganda. you can visit it to beautify your stay outwards the jungles of Bwindi where the giant mountain gorillas call home.


Before, the Batwa pygmies were a semi-nomadic tribe who for thousands of years occupied the mountainous region of south western Uganda. They lived a typical hunter-gatherer lifestyle: the men used simple spears or bows and arrows to catch birds, monkeys and small antelopes and bush pigs, while the women foraged for wild honey, fruits and berries. They relied entirely on the rainforest for their existence, living in grass huts and dressing in the skins of the animals they killed. As the forests were cut down to create farmland and grazing for cattle, the Batwa were pushed back into smaller and smaller areas. Eventually, in the 1930s, the remaining forests were declared protected reserves. While this move prevented further deforestation and provided much-needed protection for the critically endangered gorillas, it all but removed the Batwa’s legal claims to the land they’d lived on for many centuries.

The final blow came in 1991 when the reserves were turned into game parks of Mgahinga and Bwindi. The Batwa were evicted. Given no support or compensation, and with nowhere to go, overnight they’d effectively become criminals on their own land. Forced out and threatened with imprisonment, they moved onto the land on the fringes of the parks, where they’re now illegal squatters.

Today, there are about 3000 Batwa left, existing in extreme poverty in makeshift grass-hut villages, in constant fear of being evicted. A marginalized community excluded from mainstream society, with limited access to work, education and healthcare, they’ve struggled to adapt to the changing times. They’re treated as outcasts by other Ugandans, and are often shunned, harassed or worse. Be a good tourist that you are and visit them because the money you pay does a lot for them. For more about them, talk to Gorilla cousins Rwanda team today.

 Visiting the Batwa

There are small Batwa villages, normally consisting of not more than half a dozen families, dotted around the edges of both Mgahinga and Bwindi, and near to Lake Bunyonyi. Many of them welcome visitors, so the details of your experience may vary depending on where you go.

At Mgahinga gorilla national park you can take the Batwa cultural trail a gentle five-hour nature walk through the forest accompanied by community guides who will show you how they forage for food, trap animals with snares made from branches, and make tools and medicines out of plants. The trail ends at Garama Cave, a 200m-long lava tube, where members of the tribe perform spine-tingling songs and music in the echoed darkness of the cave.

At Bwindi impenetrable national park, the Batwa cultural experience can be attained in the afternoon having spent the morning tracking mountain gorillas.  You will spend your free afternoon enjoying displays of traditional hunting and fire-making skills, as well as music performed on wooden instruments and animal-skin drums. You’ll also learn how they build their huts, including the high-up ‘nests’ they build in trees to protect small children from marauding predators

Your visit here will draw you to where you’ll get to hear the families’ stories first hand, encounter with several of the Batwa tribes indigenous tribe. A time spent with the Batwa tribe ranges from US$50-80 per person. Let the cultural safari start from here to the rest of Uganda in company of Gorilla cousins Rwanda team. Talk to us and the whole story will be written.

Welcome to Uganda with Gorilla Cousins Rwanda!

Kibale National Park- East Africa’s primates’ capital

Kibale forest national park Uganda 2020, to see, to do.

Kibale national park is found in a lush tropical rainforest infiltrated with the highest density of primates in Africa. It’s most famous for being the best places in the world to track wild chimpanzees.

With five groups habituated to human contact, you can contact Gorilla cousins Rwanda for an arrangement that will see you encounter with the chimpanzees.

 Kibale forest national park in Uganda is home to 13 primate species. Among the primate species here include the rarely spotted red colobus, bush baby and L’Hoest’s monkeys. Larger but rarely seen residents include bushbucks, sitatungas, buffaloes, leopards and quite a few forest elephants. There are also an incredible 250 species of butterfly that live here. While on the smaller side, Kibale national park also has a great bird list with 372 species. Birders your dish here is fully readily yummy for serving. Contact the Gorilla cousins Rwanda as the chef and rest will be prepared for you to go and update your memory levels.

Kibale forest national park Location.

This is the home to the second thought for primates in on earth after the mountain gorillas. It is situated in the southwestern part of Kampala city– Uganda’s capital.

Kibale forest national park is most popular for being the wild home for one of the most endangered but valuable specie of primate known as the chimpanzees.

There are also other primates here like the bush babies, olive baboon monkeys and several others.There is a lot to-do in this tropical forest that include:

Activities/ What to do at Kibale national park

Trekking chimpanzees: A priceless encounter with the second sought for family of primates (chimpanzees) in Kibale national park is the dream come true.

Chimpanzee in Kibale

The untold thrilling experience is the kind of you would like to miss? Well for us at Gorilla Cousins Rwanda, we love nothing but the best. After securing the chimpanzee trekking permits, you are good to go.

Just like gorilla trekking permits, chimpanzee tracking permits too are highly demanded and this calls for early enough reservation and bookings to be made prior the date of travelling.

We at Gorilla cousins Rwanda can do this for you. A chimpanzee tracking experience always lasts between 2-5 hours depending on the time where they are feeding at and the previous night rest location.

But usually, the chimpanzee trekking permit permits you one hour of close encounter with the chimpanzees. Contact us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda for the safari planning and arrangement.

Birding: To the passionate, enthusiastic and the avidly ardent bird watchers, skip a meal but not to your favorite activity at the home of the rich bird species.

Birds at Wetland in Kibale national park

Kibale national park yields a lot of space, trees- used by birds as homes, fruits for food and thick enough befitting the areas where the birds can stay. Is there a specific bird that you have always searched for and want to see so easily?

Come with Gorilla cousins Rwanda to Kibale forest national park. It has not only your sought for bird but also the ones you were about to here and seek for.

Where to meet with Chimpanzee primates in Uganda?

Chimpanzee habituation: The awesome and ideal way to immerse yourself to learn more about the chimpanzees. Habituation also gives you more time to get up-close with the chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Post habituation process will leave you knowledgeable on various things that chimpanzees do that include the feeding, the family or group headships and other chimpanzees‘ traits.

Habituation takes a couple of years  before these individual group is introduced for trekking. while you accompany the team studying their conduct, the permit you buy guarantees you to be with them for 4 hours.

Nature walks. Create your own way. Nature walks in Kibale national park give you a zero disturbance encounter with what this forest is made of. It will show its true nature to you while on this activity.

The thick paths that sometimes are muddy, water channels crossed by wiggly bridges will draw you closer to the remixing singing birds, the countless beautiful butterflies and several other attractions here that will be closer on the day you are doing this activity.

Where else to see Chimpanzees from in Uganda?

There are also other areas for trekking chimpanzees in Uganda. They include; Budongo first national park in the Murchison falls national park, Kalinzu forest and Kyambura gorge national park and other areas. This is the home to many of what we seek for memories. It is time to experience them with Gorilla cousins Rwanda.

Below are sample Itineraries to take you to Kibale forest national park.

1. 5 Days Uganda Gorilla and wildlife tour

2. See More…

Welcome to the primates capital of the world “Kibale forest national park” with Gorilla cousins Rwanda.

Semuliki National Park- The true birder’s Haven.

Semuliki national park location.

The Semuliki Valley situated in a little corner of Congo poking into Uganda. Semuliki national park  has tropical lowland rainforest in East Africa. It is a continuation of the huge Ituri Forest in the DRC and forms a link between the heights of East Africa.

The vast, steaming jungles of central Africa originate here to0. Semuliki national park covers 220 sq. km of the valley floor and harbours some intriguing wildlife, though sightings are difficult due to the thick vegetation.

It’s most famous for its primordial hot springs. This astonishing forested game park is one of Africa’s best birding destination.

Activities in Semuliki national park

Hot springs.

Semuliki national park’s top most selling and the identifying attractions are the two hot springs. Semuliki national park safaris that do not give you time to get to these hot springs, boil either eggs, Irish potato or something easy to eat is too incomplete.

This is the only game park where the money you pay for the safari guarantees you to get a hot natural sauna steam bath for the whole time you spend here.

The water oozing out of the ground is extremely hot so cautioned to be extraordinarily careful while here. water is extremely boiling At 100 degrees Celsius and we greatly applaud you be vigilant while getting nearer to the sprinkling extreme hot water and the surroundings of these hot springs.

At the male hot-spring, the pool is fully covered by smoke oozing out from the hot water underneath the hot-spring which additionally is very deep.

While on trek to these hot springs, you will go through the cool, tall and thick forest cover with beautiful vegetation where the monkey species like colobus monkey, few reptiles like snakes and others are inhabited so look out for them while on move around this forest.

What to do At Semuliki national park.

Day Game Drives/viewing: This is the best way to unwrap the best biggest cute nature’s gift presented to adorable enthusiastic natural explorers.

With rich diversity, the magical greenish cover of vegetation, the great spectacular rare species of animals, Semuliki national park is your safari park.  numbered to about 53 different kinds of mammals existent at Semuliki Valley in Semuliki national park, 27 of these are larger animals and 11 of them such as pygmy antelopes, two different kinds of flying squirrels, hopefully are at your exposure to have encounter with,  on top of these ones, unique water chevron that has been named the fanged deer are also available here for your sightings as well, the forest elephants and buffaloes which are smaller versions of their savanna-dwelling relatives are also sighted here which make your game drive one remarkable one. And be aware to keep the eyesight sharp exile on a game drive as you may be able to see the lions and leopards available here.

Nocturnal Game Drives. As many go to bed as the daylight goes down there is another set of rare creatures welcoming their time too to go out to get dinner and get in touch with a lot out there. There are some creatures or animals that are hard to explore during the day game drives Things to do and see in the Semuliki national Park and Wildlife Reserve. Semuliki national park mostly at the Semuliki Valley has a lot to bring to you during your Ugandan safari at this park like savannah, guided walks, birding, and chimpanzee tracking, village visits including a small village of the original people of the ancient forests of the area, the Batwa or here the Bambuti people.  The scenery alone is worth a visit to this Valley in the Albertine Western Rift. You cannot have the dissatisfaction in Uganda’s beautiful attractive destination.


Intensively and extensively, Semuliki national park is the bird species gem. Many bird watching enthusiasts have never made a mistake coming to do what they can do best in this place.  If you asked 10 birders randomly for the best birding sites in Uganda,  you will be surprised  at the same answer that majority would air out being  this Semuliki national park. it is called the “birders haven.”  Semuliki national park’s forest is astonishingly gifted with over 400 bird species of which 40% of Uganda’s total species and 66% of the forest birds found in Uganda. Many being endemic to this place only with their favorite and excellent bird viewing sites being Sempaya and Ntandi for incredible birds species like white-crested hornbill, red-billed dwarf hornbill, piping hornbill, yellow-throated nicator, great blue and Ross’s turaco Nkulengu Rail, Yellow-throated Cuckoo, Piping Hornbill, Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill, Black Dwarf Hornbill, White-crested Horn-bill, Black-casqued Wattled Hornbill, Red-rumped Tinker bird, African Piculet, White-throated Blue Swallow, Yellow-throated Nicator, Leaf-love, Swamp Palm Bulbul, Lemon-bellied Crombec, Maxwell’s Black Weaver, Crested Malimbe, Red-bellied Malimbe, Blue-billed Malimbe, Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch, Orange-cheeked Waxbill and manuny others are found in the Semuliki valley of amazing wonders. The close quarters of Lake Albert are always associated with the great shoebill stork. Water birds can also be tracked during forest walks. Awesome place here. If you love and enjoy bird watching safaris, stop the look for the best spot now for it and book a trip to Semuliki national park for the ultimate birding experience.

 Cultural Trails
cultural encounter with the Batwa is one tribe to expect encountering with while in Semuliki national park. The Batwa wholly depended on Semuliki forest for food, shelter, medicine and tools.

This is the fact that Batwa tribe lifestyle of hunter-gatherers however they were shocked when they were asked to evacuate the forest lifestyle  resettle outside the forests because of need to develop forest tourism here.

Your encounter with them will see you have experience’s enjoying their cultural history through music and dance performances at Ntandi.

In addition to this, they also produce beautiful handcrafts for sale that they sell cheaply so as to support their children from the outcomes of their sold works. To have time with the Batwa here

Attractions at Semuliki national park.

The Hot springs (the male and female)

The wild life

The Birds

The culture

The forest (trees).

Uganda safaris tour trips

1 4 Days jinja and murchison park falls safari

5 Days Uganda Gorilla and wildlife tour

3 10 Days Uganda tour

Welcome to Uganda with Gorilla cousins Rwanda!  

A day in Kampala city Uganda.

City tour in Kampala that never slumbers because anywhere you step in this city tour makes you fall for it. The groove is on thus you are instantly activated to the feel the power of the joy tide.

city tour

Kampala never disappoints when its time to party, pray, tour, eat, shop, and hang around with friends. Doubting us? Ask the ones that visited before and here testimonies.

A hub for all races of people worldover. Ugandans are too friendly that you think of opting to elongate your stay.

A normal day in Kampala is ignited by a tasty glass of juice/ locally made coffee cup which maybe accompanied by snack like  Rolex, samosa or pan cake and few others opted for.

  you either order online for a safe boda, taxify, Uber or just step out and call one. However, there are also other options of doing a city tour like usage of Kampala sightseeing bus.

Tour Kampala

After having grabbed the means of transport to tour the city with, there are so many places to reach to here Kampala.

They include, the Namugongo martyrs shrine, the Kabaka’s man-made lake, national mosque (Gadhafi mosque at old Kampala), the Kabaka’s palace, the Uganda parliaments, Uganda museum, the several gallery centers, the dozens of monuments like the independence monument, and so many other places.

Get lunch break at one tidy kafunda (locally referred to as road side restaurants).

Are you done visiting all your places of interest? There is more to stop at.  shop with Ugandan at Owino market. Visit the noisy, ever packed and wet corridors of Owino market. Feel the true spirit of Ugandans when it’s shopping or business time.

Sum up a day by visiting the fruits harbours of Nakasero market. It’s in the heart of Kampala city.

Kampala Uganda tours

In Kampala, it’s the sun that goes to bed not Ugandans. Whether it’s day or night, streets are busy and noise it ceaseless. Are you a party addict? Well  its your time to move from club to club.

Kampala is a partying leading hub in East Africa. It is dubbed as “a city that never goes to bed for sleep!” Clubs are located in all direction of the city. Just make a decision on where to party at.

Notable clubs in Kampala include club Guvnor, Club amnesia, Club ambiance and several others. This night clubs are open and you a full definition of how Ugandans party.

They are fully stocked with all sorts of  your favorite liquor, drinks. Music spinned by the disc jokers that are professional in their field and for transportation at night, we shall arrange for you at a fee unless specified on the itinerary.

On fateful luck day, chance to live event like Rolex festival, blankets and wines, ice-cream festival, musical concerts etc. Kampala city tour on any day is  fun.

Cut boredom while in East Africa in Uganda’s capital Kampala because this is the friendliest, most partying, activities packed capital, the home to expos and fun-filled events.

Contact Gorilla cousins Rwanda today to explore Kampala with our team.

Welcome to the leading partying hub in East Africa with Gorilla cousins Rwanda!

Chimpanzee filming at Nyungwe forest.

Chimpanzee filming Rwanda is another thrilling experiential activity in Rwanda. An interested cleared filming organization conduc Chimpanzees filming Rwanda at Nyungwe forest national park where there are several communities of wild chimpanzees readily habituated for trekking and filming.

Chimpanzee filming Rwanda information

As a reliable Rwanda film fixer, Gorilla cousins Rwanda helps in arranging and ensuring that you have a successful shoot. You also need to have drafted a letter declaring your interests  to do Chimpanzees filming Rwanda addressed to the concerned body.

We  help to secure chimpanzee filming permits, Kit customs, Get local helpers here in Rwanda who understand the area , booking your accommodation and transport while in Rwanda and secure media cards.

Our team is so willing to ensure that all you ever needed to capture for goodwill purposes are fulfilled.

Chimpanzees resting on top of a tree

Where to do filming in Rwanda

Rwanda’s filming locations include Cultural centers, its people and Kigali city not forgetting the mountain gorilla and golden monkey filming.

Chimpanzees filming Rwanda is at Nyungwe Forest national park ,general wildlife filming at Akagera National Park. Rwanda has a rich culture and interacting with the local community is highly recommended.

Whether you  film mountain gorillas, chimpanzees filming Rwanda, golden monkeys or filming culture and people,  Gorilla cousins Rwanda is ready to help.

Our help starts in booking accommodation, provide transportation, permits reservation, getting porters etc.    We will help you at all stages that is from pre-production, production and post-production stages.

We will handle all your Rwanda filming permits, Rwanda location scouting, Rwanda kit customs clearing, press accreditation and so much more.

Drama moments from infant chimp

What else to film in Rwanda?

Rwanda is a highly recommended filming Location for Mountain gorillas and golden monkeys at Volcanoes national park. Extensive and vast wildlife species’ quantities at Akagera National Park.

chimpanzees filming Rwanda at Nyungwe forest national park, culture at Iby’iwacu cultural Village, Genocide sites in the heart of Kigali city.

Contact Gorilla cousins Rwanda as reliable ground-handler. ensuring filming done smoothly.  We  deliver exactly what you require for your pre-production, production and post-production requirements.

Safari Packages.

1   5 Days Rwanda Safaris

6 Days Rwanda Safaris

3   7 Days Gorilla and Wildlife Uganda Safari

Welcome to Rwanda with Gorilla cousins Rwanda!

Chimpanzee Filming Uganda .

Chimpanzee filming Uganda at Kibale national park.

Magically exhilarating moments on Chimpanzee filming Uganda. Enjoy your work while tasting the richness of memories that Uganda has in stock for you this festive season.

It is fun after fun, safari after safari and work after work. That is us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda.

Un equaled kind of moments availed for the highly esteemed clients that come to Uganda with Gorilla cousins Rwanda. Expect nothing buy t stress therapy while with our team.

When you show interest, we at Gorilla cousins Rwanda are readily available to help you process Uganda Chimpanzee filming permits.

Chimpanzees are the second thought for primates’ world over after the gorillas thus an encounter with them is worthy taking a flight.

Guess what they can also be found and sighted at their natural habitats of Kibale forest national park, Budongo forest, Kyambura gorge and others.

All to know about chimpanzee filming in Uganda.

As Film Crew Fixers Uganda, we do offer guidance, logistical support and advise on how to go about it. Chimpanzees (Habituated) are found in Kibale National Park in western Uganda.

Budongo Forest in Murchison falls national park, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park plus Ngamba Island which is located 23km inside Lake Victoria and can be reached by boat excursion.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee sanctuary is home to orphaned chimpanzees that have been rescued from animal traffickers and cannot return back to their natural habitats.

Lifetime hug

Uganda’s chimpanzee filming requirements are not too complicated. Once you fulfill the few asked ones, you are good to go to for chimpanzee filming activity in either Kibale forest national park, Budongo forest, Kalinzu or Kyambura gorge.

Though the most prominent chimpanzee filming destination is Kibale forest national park, there are also other places for filming them.

What is the cost for Chimp filming?

Filming Chimpanzees in Kibale National Park requires USD1050 per day for a for 5 members film crew in addition to acquiring the chimpanzee tracking permit for per person issued at USD200 per day. There are also monitoring refundable fees of USD 1000.

These refundable fees will be returned to you after presenting a copy of DVD to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The USD 200 chimpanzee permit paid entitles you to film chimps for only one hour but if you want to film chimps for half a day, then you need to book chimpanzee habituation experience permits.

You can contact us today and we avail you with the more elaborate and detailed information about the chimpanzee filming Uganda.

We are tirelessly devoted to providing the best thrilling services to all our clients and it’s high time you gave our services a chance. You can’t imagine

For chimpanzee filming at Budongo forest you will need a filming permit from Uganda National Forestry Authority permitting you to do chimpanzees filming Uganda in this forest.

Can I get helpers for chimpanzee filmimg in Uganda?

Gorilla cousins Rwanda assists in organizing, securing and ground-handling for instance booking accommodations, transportation and securing filming permits and contracts for Budongo, Kibale and Kyambura Gorge plus any other place in Uganda and we do contact research centers if you need any help

Contact us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda to get more tips on how to process chimpanzee filming Uganda permits plus all related fixer logistics.

Safari samples to track chimpanzees

1. 5 Days Uganda Gorilla and wildlife tour

2. 10 Days Uganda tour

Welcome to Uganda with Gorilla cousins Rwanda!

DR Congo Mountain Gorilla Filming

Gorilla filming in Congo

Gorilla filming Congo is one ultimate memorable activity. This activity gives an opportunity of showing to the world what this Congo country has in its thick forests.

The three lucky nations in the world taking in pride to harbor the greatest jewel of the wilderness are Congo, Uganda and Rwanda.  They have competitively done their utmost best to ensure that the clients that come to any of these countries to meet with these giant primates get 360 degrees satisfaction thus try gorilla filming Congo to confirm.

From trekking them, habituating, filming and photography, Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo are still endlessly doing a lot more top ensure satisfaction of their clients are guaranteed.

Gorilla Filming Congo Forests.

Mountain Gorilla Filming Congo exercise can be organized on your behalf by our Gorilla cousins Rwanda team of film fixers.All you have to do is to let us know when and where you intend to film at and the team begins processing what is needed to grant permission.

For all the International film crews, Journalists and photographers coming to film, you all need accreditation media cards guarantee access to different places.

Some times these accreditation cards serve as a filming permit in some areas which are not national park across the gorilla found nations.

Gorilla Filming at Virunga National park

When it comes to Filming in DR Congo,there are  no specific permitting system in place applied stringently at Gorilla filming locations.

You surely need to contact us in time so that we can fix everything in given time to avoid disappointment. However, filming public places, traffic control, markets, national parks film fixer will need time to acquire permission from local authorities and police.

Must know while filming Gorillas.

Please NOTE filming of government installations, military and along border crossing is illegal which can result into arrest with likely  confiscation of film equipment’s so kindly let Gorilla Cousins Rwanda team know in case you want to film such kind of places so that we can get additional permission. most of the filming locations in Congo are located near Uganda and Rwanda border so we recommend that you either land at Entebbe Airport in Uganda or at Kigali international airport in Rwanda then the rest of transfers are done by road or get a chartered flight that will take you to the nearest airstrip to the to be filmed destinations.

As usual, the paramount rationale for filming should be laid out since it should be of good will. An encounter with these giant apes is remarkable so exhilarating and worth the amount paid securing permits to meet one on one with them.

Below are some of the Congo Gorilla trekking itineraries.

1 2 Days mountain gorillas

Days Congo gorilla safari

3 5 Day Gorilla tracking and hiking

Oh welcome to Congo with Gorilla cousins Rwanda!

Kinkole Fish Market

Kinkole Market Kinshasa DR Congo.

Few walk their talk! Today, the most popular fish market known as Kinkole market in Democratic Republic of Congo was once a promise that came to fulfillment.

The promise was from the politician that few citizens couldn’t imagine will be materialized knowing it was just a way of winning their hearts to vote for him as usual however, he proved them wrong by keeping his word upon election.

The best way to recognize and reward locals or citizens is by giving them hope of recognizing their professions. This is exactly what Mobutu did to the fishermen of Democratic Republic of Congo. Mobutu built this market in honour of the Congolese fishermen. Amazing right?

This market is located in the Kinkole area of Democratic Republic of Congo. This market is situated at the small Kinkole fishing village found in the East of Kinshasa.

The Kinkole community played a lot on the political struggle of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They participated in several demonstration and it is one of the demonstrations here led to birth of the political party of Mobutu.

Fish displayed at Kinkole market

What to do and see around Kinkole market.

This is the best opportunity for the fish lovers to get abundance of fish to eat while fried, smoked. You will eat all sorts of fish from here due to its abundance. Best area for doing fish shopping and fish market tour.

You will also get a chance of be peddled around/ down river Congo exploring the spectacular views on engine boat or canoe ride. This is the ride will take you to the far areas of the Congo River banks where you will have the chance to taste the palm wine.

Oh yes the popular Nigerian drink “Palm wine.” This palm wine is said to be good at intoxicating so get ready to get enough of here at the river banks of river Congo.

Around this Kinkole market, you can also get a chance to taste the Liboke which is the fish smoked in manioc leaves.

After or before visiting Kinkole market, you can also do try to visit the home of the mountain gorillas at their natural habitat ion the high peaks of Virunga ranges in Virunga national park, do an encounter with the Okapis, and lowland gorillas at Kahuzi Biega national park. You can also do the hiking or mountain climbing in Democratic republic of Congo on any of the ranges or volcano at the Virunga massif.

Surely Democratic Republic of Congo is far much more than the war-zone that many have vilified it to be. The only way to affirm this is by booking a safari to a safari surprise destination in the Democratic Republic of Congo with Gorilla cousins Rwanda.

Welcome to the Democratic Republic of Congo with Gorilla cousins Rwanda!

Sample Congo safaris

1 5 Days Congo Gorilla Safari – Nyiragongo hike and gorilla trekking

7 Day Rwanda, Uganda and Congo gorilla safari

3  5 Days Congo Gorilla Safari – Nyiragongo hike and gorilla trekking

Serpents du Congo

Les Serpents du Congo

Serpents du Congo is the only place to interact with reptiles. This is where the vast snakes number finds comfort s home. Come, visit and see them freely.

We know the way! Trust Gorilla cousins Rwanda on Democratic Republic of Congo safari and to get up close with the most respected, feared reptiles “snakes” in the wild.

In whichever country your trip is and you want to visit the reptiles or snakes park, we shall take you. Uganda has Uganda reptiles while Democratic Republic of Congo has Serpents du Congo.

Owned and managed by one Franck is a 28kilometres away from Kinshasa snakes farm. This is home to the venomous and non-venomous snakes.

with an opportunity to hold the non-poisonous and less aggressive ones, this is the best place in Democratic Republic of Congo for spotting the great snakes like Cobras, Vipers, mambas and several others.

All to know about this place?

All your questions about snakes will not only receive answers here but also get exhaustive explanations in relation to the snakes from the great herpetologist called Frank.

Franck is not only a great herpetologist but also has broad and immense knowledge about snakes and other reptiles.

one of the snakes top see here.

Access to this Farm can be done by reaching Franck a phone call. He will give you or the driver directions to access this farm.

This is done to all first time travellers to this farm however if you don’t like getting lost in  a foreign land,Contact Gorilla cousins Rwanda and we assign a driver knowledgeable enough for you.

Democratic Republic of Congo has proven that no matter what t decades of wars have tried to do, the nature continues to thrive. You want to prove so? Come with Gorilla cousins Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of Congo to appreciate and feel the positivity of nature.

What more after Serpents du Congo.

This serpent du Congo is ideal for an excursion possibly after a visit to Nyamuragira volcano to see the boiling and spewing magma with huge amounts of smoke, an encounter with either the Okapis, mountain gorillas or lowland gorilla at Kahuzi Biega national park and Virunga national park.

You can also decide not to leave before reaching to the outskirts of the area referred to as a war zone to the safest island of Idjwi island.

Wherever you want to reach, any activity you want to do, all cab be arranged by Gorilla cousins Rwanda to get you the best of the experience you did not imagine.

Below are the sample itineraries.

3 Day Congo gorilla safari

2 5 Day Congo gorilla tracking and Hiking in DRC.

3 5 Days Nyiragongo hike and Gorilla trekking.

4. 7 Day Rwanda, Uganda and Congo safari

Welcome to the Democratic Republic of Congo with Gorilla cousins Rwanda!

Boyoma Falls-D.R. Congo, Kisangani.

All to know about Boyoma falls

Boyoma falls Congo – a unique natural spectacular endowment in the land of the Congolese people. Boyoma falls Congo is basically a food giving place to the soul.

But first around of applause to the exploration legend “Stanley.” This gentleman luckily got a chance to reach first and see most of the unique virgin Africa’s features and exposed them. Damn! He must have enjoyed the best discovery moments. Can you imagine?

We are visiting repeatedly what he discovered and get the best times, can you tell what he felt after seeing this places? Anyways he and left a lot of discovered beautiful and relaxing places for us.

He did not only discover the source of the Nile but also went ahead to expose several of other unique untapped features like he Boyoma falls in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Surely this guy is a legend in exploring what we love.

Boyoma Falls Congo memorable safari.

Democratic Republic of Congo is so endowed and has a full capacity of fully giving a traveler great experiences in its land. Ignore the war, poverty and all other denigrating statements made.

Have you heard of Virunga ranges that stretches across borders to Rwanda and Uganda?

Have you forgotten that this is also a home to the mountain gorillas at Kahuzi Biega and Virunga national park, a natural habitats to the many okapis and lowland gorillas at Kahuzi Biega national park?

What about Nyamuragira volcano covered with smoke of the  boiling magma at it open top?

Where else will you the above selected attraction if not in few selected countries of Africa.

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Adventure at Boyoma falls

Formerly Stanley Falls, Boyoma Falls Congo is made up of series of rapids/waterfalls is a bit of a stretch on the Congo River. These falls spread out covering a land area of over 100km southwards from Kisangani.

The last rapids are just to the east of town, which is where the Wagenia fishermen set up their innovative fishing traps.

It’s an interesting excursion, but sadly one where tourists are routinely fleeced and where each tour often has hidden costs.

The best plan is to go with a local.Be among the lucky tourists to reach to Boyoma falls Congo in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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