Archery at Fazenda Sengha in Rwanda.

Have you played archery game before?

Aim and shoot the target! Have you hit it? Seen it how easy and fun it is? Historically, this activity belonged to hunters and combat fighters but apparently in the modern set up, me and you can do it too at Fazenda Sengha recreation facility.  What a game with a great history!

Did you know that if you participate in archery you qualify to be called an archer or a bowman? Though it is easy to play and aim at the target, this archery game activity requires agility and focus with minimum distractions. Are you ready for this daring activity? Then talk to Gorilla Cousins Rwanda with your inquiry and book a safari to Fazenda Sengha recreation facility where the fun will happen and memories created.

Archery in Rwanda Archery in Rwanda

Archery game or activity also has age limit granted permission to do this activity. The permitted ages to participate either in training or real activity start at 7 years old. While at Fazenda Sengha recreation centre, there are rent out equipment like recurved bows and carbon fiber arrows. These are given out to help you train and improve on your target shoots. The whole experience begins when you reach at Fazenda Sengha recreation facility where the best shooters are confirmed.

target never lies and if you feel like you are so confident and proud of your target, feel free to book with us Rwanda safari and try archery with the best sharp archery shooters that include even our own Gorilla Cousins Rwanda tour and driver guides. Come to the land of a thousand hills at Fazenda Sengha centre and prove to us. We await for your inquiry.