Bwenge Gorilla family Group.

Breathtakingly brilliant! Can you believe it that most of these mountain gorilla families found in Volcanoes national park are named after their leading dominant silverbacks? We see on the Bwenge gorilla family group. Having been created in 2007 by Bwenge their dominant silverback,, the gorilla family group was later named after him.

Bwenge is Kinyarwanda word literally translates to “wisdom” so expect someone wise when on a gorilla trekking safari at Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and you happen to this family group.  The Bwenge “wisdom” gorilla family group that is made up of 11 members together with a silverback is majorly found in the slopes of Karisoke Volcano between Karisimbi and Bisoke mountains and had gone through hard times when it lost 6 young ones.

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