Explore Mgahinga gorilla national park

Mgahinga gorilla national park is Uganda’s small national park covering an area of 33.7km. Situated in south western Uganda on the slopes muhavura, gahinga and Sabinyo ranges and on the fringes of virunga , in Uganda Kisoro District.

Mgahinga gorilla national park
The park was gazated in the year 1930 by the colonial masters at the time it was the British I Uganda, later the conservation area was upgraded to the national park status in the year 1991 a status it holds to date as a national park.

Mgahinga gorilla national park
The park is shared by both Rwanda and Uganda but the largest and the most active parts are in Uganda therefore all the gorilla tracking activities are done in the Ugandan sector.
The park is famous for mountain gorilla tracking also considered as endangered species. Besides gorilla tracking, the park also constitutes another popularly sought after residents (the adorable golden monkeys). The golden monkeys are fascinating, shy but yet charming species of monkeys, bearing beautiful golden far on their bodies thereby deriving their names “golden monkeys”. The golden monkeys are equally tracked like mountain gorillas except that the golden monkey permits go for 150usds per permit as opposed to gorilla tracking permits which go for 600usds per permit.
With the presence of both gorilla and golden monkey, Mgahinga therefore fulfills is theme of “where gold meets silver” in reference for the golden monkeys and silver backs the alpha male mountain gorillas.
The park also constitutes of a wide a ray of birds most of which are forest birds, therefore offering a pleasant destination for most of the bird watchers. In addition to the above mentioned activities mention substitutes or if you like extra activities include forest walks, cultural encounters such as the batwa trails and community walks, a view of a visit to lake Mutanda yet another beautiful feature nestled with the confines of Mgahinga gorilla national park. the park also has other primates like the white l’hoes