Horseback riding on Mt Kigali

Ride on trails to afar.  Through the most breathtaking and varied countryside, you can go on a horseback riding exploring Kigali, enjoy the hills, sights, villages found here. This is one of Rwanda’s peculiar experiential and memories’ filled activity. The horseback riding activity on Mount Kigali is famously conducted by and at Fazanda Sengha ranch.

“While we were in Kigali, we visited Fazenda Sengha ranch and did a horseback riding. The ranch is situated atop of Mount Kigali. We had an incredible time on hour-long trail ride through the forest while gazing upon Kigali itself. Spectacular views hit us from all angles.” writes one of our recent traveler who did this activity.

Horseback riding

The travelers adds “prior getting to Fazenda Sengha, there’s a pretty rickety uphill road ahead of you. Our driver guide drove us to the point in a shortest time possible to give us a long awaited experience doing the horseback riding in Kigali. He paid to permit us to stay for the hour so that we wouldn’t have to worry about the next activity timing. He seemed to enjoy his time chatting up with the ranch hands and petting the horses while we were on our ride, so it was a win-win

While we were doing this horseback riding experiential activity, we were led by the guide at the ranch that all horses were too used to that all our horses followed him and another worker rode behind us. You basically enjoy the views for an hour as you circle around the side of the mountain.

The cover charge of the horseback riding differs on the time length of the ride. You can opt for an hour or more. But the cover charge for an hour is $30 per person. Affordable right? Let’s go and ride on these horses and get the memories stored on our hard drives.

Horseback riding Horseback riding

While heading on for this horse back safari, consider carrying a bottle of water, snacks and a selfie phone. On the side of clothing, we recommend you to come putting on trousers or pants (shorts) since the wind pressure may affect the intactness of your dress or skirt in care you come on any. For shoes, come wearing the covering fitting ones laced or not but at least not sandals or any kind of open shoes. They will get off your fit along the way since chafing isn’t the most pleasant experience. But in case you don’t have closed-toed shoes, not to worry! The team at the ranch will provide them at no extra cost! But don’t forget your socks! Helmets are also provided at the ranch.

The excitement, the wondrous incredible and spectacular moments that are explored and experienced while on a horseback safari on Mount Kigali are indescribable. Words alone cannot justify the beauty and the depth and gravity of the experience of reaching where a vehicle cannot reach. If you have always yearned for to reach to the best point to view Kigali city and other peripheral areas, seek no more  rather just do a horseback ride and your horse will take you ton that point on Mount Kigali. For any safari to Rwanda, you can book with us at Gorilla Cousins Rwanda and the whole story will be written off concerning your adventurous safari to the land of a thousand hills and happened to book with one celebrated tour operator “Gorilla Cousins Rwanda.”

Welcome to the Remarkable Rwanda!