Quad biking in Rwanda

An experience with a plenitude of memories. An activity that giving a VIP pass to engage and mingle with the local communities. an extraordinary way of reaching close to the locals.

Quad biking is one simple and enjoyable activity that any travellers can engage in while on the African safari in the land of a thousand hills “Rwanda.” This activity is done at Fazenda Sengha and was officially introduced in Rwanda by the Quad touring Rwanda Company on 25/01/2019 having been incorporated in the books of Rwanda Development authority in 2008.  That literally means that you have greater chances of being the pioneers and veterans of this incredibly awesome quad biking activity in the land of a thousand hills “Rwanda “on top of mount Kigali.

A quad bike ride is easy, simple but filled with an unexplainable experiential memories. Though it is done for fun unlike in Uganda where a traveler is not required to have a license to ride, in Rwanda anyone interested in doing a quad bike ride activity must own one. However, the quad bikes will see you go through different communities, and expose you to see the daily errands ad activities that the locals around mount Kigali engage.

Prior going for a quad ride, in Uganda you are taken through training on different areas like how to engage gears, be cautious of other road or trail users since you go through different communities that are occupied by the locals, safety measures and extra. This activity can be participated on by all travellers that are above the age of 13 years. It is more thrilling when done after rain when muddy. Kindly note that the quad bikes have huge tyres and may spark mud into your face to ensure that your safety gears are well dressed to avoid any kind of getting dirty or coming in contact with foreign objects that the big tyres of the quad bikes throw unto you. But expect fun when going for it. The Quad biking experience in Rwanda can be arranged by our Gorilla cousins Rwanda team just let them know and they will consider your request and put it into realization. There are also a couple of outdoor activities to do here like horseback riding, zip linings and other recreational activities. At Fazenda Sengha destination, you cannot fail to get what will excite you and provokes you to take part too. This is a place of fun lovers and no stress zone.

And surely why would you reach to  the land of a thousand hills “the remarkable Rwanda” and don’t do gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking, visit genocide sites or Kigali city tour. This is the only few of the 3 countries of Uganda, Rwanda and D.R Congo in the whole world housing the remaining specie of mountain gorillas in the whole world. Thus it will be so inconsiderate to be in one of the most endowed countries and still fail to do what should have been done that is doing the mountain gorillas trekking safari. There is a lot that can be done in the remarkable Rwanda. Talk to us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda about your travel plans and your safari specifications and we put them into considerations