Salonga National Park

Salonga national park,a centre of the wonders. A pool of to be uncovered beauty.  The only game park in the whole of Congo with dozens of what you have never seen elsewhere. A fresh game park ready to show off its beautiful natural endowments to you at a subsidized incomparable cost in the company of Gorilla Cousins Rwanda.

Salonga National Park Salonga National Park

During the time of its Salonga national park in 1956, it was known as the Tshuapa national park until 1970 when President Mobutu Sese Seko renamed it as Salonga national park. Sitting on the vast land area of 36000 sq. kilometers. Standing as a leading and largest protected tropical rainforest reserve in the whole of the African continent. Salonga national park was named a UNESCO Heritage site in 1984 having been sighted with abundance of wildlife that could be exposed to danger if not well reserved.

Salonga national park is the so well endowed with vast beautiful natural set up characterized by grassy glades, marshy lands, streams, swamps and several others. Salonga national park is so well modified with nature’s diverse beauty. The park is so blessed enormously with over 300 bird species, 129 bird species, packed with several of bird species and many others. Salonga national park is has overlaps of chimpanzee like species called the bonobos that almost have the same DNA percentage with humans making them the wilds human relatives. Bonobos carry over 96% of the DNA similar to the humans.

This is the only park in East Africa with limited accessibility and the only opportunity for exploring the wilderness is by doing a game drive on the a boat. The boat cruise game drive beats all the odds of limited developed road network to enable all visitors to this park enjoy the abundance of wildlife here.

The Salonga national park can be accessed by both air and road. By air, you can use either Anga airstrip or mundja airstrip both in Monkoto area. Then the rest of the park, the boat is the best mode of transport to use to access it.

See the some of the attractions and summarized number of activities you can do while in this beautiful park.

What to see.


 Most  spotted while on a boat cruise game drive, the most wildlife you will come across include: like leopards, buffaloes, forest elephants, black chested Mangabeys, yellow blacked duikers, dwarf chimps, sitatungas, hush pigs, bush bucks, Congo peafowls, African golden cat, hippopotamus, crocodiles, tree pangolin, Angolan slender, Allen’s swamp monkeys, water chevrotain, Congo clawless otter, long tailed pangolin, and several others.

The birds

With over the 300 bird species that are specifically endemic to this park, your birding safaris is so beautified. The only thing you need to do is to ensure the note pad and other birding gears are in place. The rest will be viewing and updating your list.  When enroute for birding in this park, expect to see birds like the palm nut vulture, cattle egret, black billed stork, yellow billed stork, Congo pea cock, grey parrot, black billed bustard and many others.

The bonobos

The chimpanzee like individuals with almost the same human DNA testing percentage that makes them our closes relatives staying in the jungle. The bonobos have the 97.6% of the DNA percentage similar to humans. The bonobos are just like the chimpanzees only that the difference is they are somehow darker and shorter unlike with the bonobos. The bonobos also are led by females unlike chimpanzees, they always fight once the two groups meet and in relation to maintaining relationships and settling conflicts, sex is done.

The trees

This is one largest tropical rain-forest protected reserve. Expect the biggest and the widest green vegetative cover here with enormous several tree species.

Water bodies like the steam, swamps, rives and extra where boat cruise is done while on a game drive.

What to do…

Game drives and see several of wildlife animals, birds, and others, birding, and many other activities here.

For any other details you would like to know about Salonga national park, kindly contact the Gorilla Cousins Rwanda team via their inbox and we promise to respond in a timely manner. The safari inquiries to this beautiful park too are welcome and have a boat cruise and game drive at same time. Welcome to Democratic Republic of Congo.