Upemba national park

One of the classy magical and interesting parks in the DR Congo. Upemba national park is so well endowed with vast grassland, rock outcrops, beautiful waterfalls, magnificent lakes, the best scenic mountains, miombo woodlands, wetlands with aquatic life and vegetations, plateau like Kibara, marshes.

Upemba national park

Located in the Katanga province of the D.R Congo, Upemba national park is one of the parks in this country that should appear on your bucket travel list. The Upemba national park that was opened in 1939 sits on the land area of 10,000sq km compared to the total land area of 17,730 sq.km that it sat on upon its gazzetion. The natural beauty and effulgence of beauty has made it to be declared and rated as the UNESCO biodiversity site or reserve. Upemba national park is so full of the thrilling, magical and attractions that offer a lot of what to do availing a lot of experiences that embed dozens of memories that you will reminisce on for long period of time.

Upemba national park Upemba national park

Upemba national park is so blessed with dozens of attractions that will relax your travel urge once you reach here. Among the many of what to see here are.

What to see – Upemba national park

The birds.

For the ardent and enthusiastic bird watchers, Upemba national park should be your best site for the bird watching activity. The bird species population here is so vast that you will have to carry all you will require as far as birding equipment are concerned to be able to explore them, efficiently. You cannot be in this Upemba Park and fail to see your favorite bird species. Just remember to carry your writing pad to jot the bird species spotted. The birds to anticipate seeing while visiting this park amongst the many are: shoebill stork, wattled crane, Angola lark, Dickinson’s kestrel, racket tailed roller, chestnut owlet, honey guide green belt, Souza shrike, miombo rock thrush, sparrow weaver. Fire finch, kivu ground thrush, African fish eagle and so many others. This is the birders’ meeting point.

 The wildlife.

Upemba national park Upemba national park

In terms of wild animals, expect to see the lions, elephants, the buffaloes and other several big 5 family members, the zebras, the duikers, the oribis and so many others. The game drive will take you closer to these animals, share a thrilled moment as you watch the possible hunt by some of the big 5 members, movement of the zebras and several others. This is one place to do an exceptional game drive from. Contact today Gorilla cousins Rwanda for an experiential safari to Upemba national park in Congo.

The primates.

Upemba national park is one park full of biodiversity. Its immense biodiversity called for the UNESCO rankings that saw it surpass UNESCO ratings and ended up being gazetted as the UNESCO site in Congo. Primates and mammal animals wise, Upemba national park is so packed with a lot of primates like the baboons and several monkey family members. Visit today Upemba national park and see the thrill in it.

The culture.

Unique, peculiar, exhilarating, lecturing and fun to be with. The community around Upemba national park is too wide and your visit to these people will give you an overdose of what you have taken time without experiencing. They will sing for you with an open invite to sing with them, play their music and dance ad still you are free to join, tell you the real unmissable interesting stories that you will that gorilla cousins Rwanda for the safari that took you there.

The Upemba depression.

Upemba national park has a lake in its area called Lake Upemba. It has stunning scenic views and this depression is has over 50 lakes in total. It’s so beautiful to view and magical for photography and videography moments. This depression has over 40 archeological sites and only 6 have been excavated. The depression is so huge that it is known as the largest cemetery in the sub African Sahara region.

Still at the Upemba national park borders, there are over 10 lakes that are suitable for fishing thus giving travelers with a fishing experience and they learn how fishing is done in Congo. The caught here include: capitaine, cichilidae, barbus, machokidae, tilapia, fresh water elephant fish, alestidae and several others. There are several floating islands like the Mitala Island. This island is the

Upemba national park has several rivers with varied waterfalls that offer spectacular views.

With a lot to do like the game drive, the hiking experience with several trails that draw you closer the wild animals, primates and others, the community tours, nature walks and several others.

This kind of natural diversity in Upemba national park is one kind of a tourist destination that every traveler dream to reach to and have an enjoyable safari.

For an ultimate fun thrilling safari to Upemba national park, kindly engage the Gorilla Cousins Rwanda team for the arrangements and booking assistance.