Virunga National Park, Congo

Virunga Mountains - Attractions at Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park is situated in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is not any other ordinary game park Virunga National Park is gifted with bio-diverse treasures ranging from mammals, reptiles and birds species to weather all giving the best wow experience to all who visit here beautiful place. Virunga national park cannot be equated with any other national park on planet earth because it bears traits that only originate in it and few extend to other countries. This is one of the oldest parks in Africa yet still harboring the amazing animals like okapis, gorillas, birds, reptiles and gives best hiking experience at Nyiragongo. Just an extraordinary park apart from the rest.

Virunga National park sitting on 7800km.sq was established in 1925 with main motive of protecting endangered gorilla species by King Albert 1 and initially called Albert national Park named after the Belgian king of that reign. Upon Congo attaining her independence, the park was so affected and it deteriorated just like the country herself until the early 70s when the then current president picked interest in conservation that the park was revived and renamed Virunga National Park.

Virunga National Park is well known for its bird, mammal and reptile concentration more than any other protected areas in Africa. Some of the notables include the chimpanzees, gorillas’ giraffes, buffaloes and many others. People prefer to track the gorillas here as well combined with Okapis
In 1979, Virunga National Park became a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to her ecological importance. Despite all the upheavals and a hardships this park has faced, there is untouched level of its beauty embedded in it that up-to-date makes it maintain its rating of retaining her strong ecological pillar for the entire east and central African ecosystem.

Major Attractions in Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park Lava in the crater - Virunga National Park

Virunga national park is blessed with several attractions that can only be found in her and a few destinations world over. Above all, it’s the mother of many national parks in Africa.

Climatic wise, the equator runs through it making Virunga region a dream destination for any ardent traveler. Characterized by pleasant warm weather and mild showers due to high temperatures hot and cool throughout the year favoring a lot of farming of nutrient filled produce. Thus giving best weather that allows tourism all over the year in this region. Kindly engage us on our sites: the climate is favorable for travel and exploration of Virunga National Park attractions all through the year with Gorilla Cousins Rwanda.

Hot and cool temperatures, enough rainfall is best for growth of the trees and notable plant species that make up montane forest best for nature walks, houses for different bird species, medicinal trees, and other different though after trees are in this region. Very vibrant plant life and boasts of close to 2,077-plant life of these 264 are tree species and 230 of the grasses, shrubs, and plants are endemic to the Albertine Rift. Swamp and wetland vegetation ring the water bodies rising to open grasslands, woodlands, rainforests, montane forests, heath and alpine vegetation in the highlands. The Virunga is top travel destinations for travelers with an eye for wandering in the lush vegetation to explore and discover the beauty that is hiding in the African wilderness.


Golden monkey - Virunga National Park Lion - Virunga National Park

Notable mammal sightings in open grasslands or water include many with the big 5 like elephant, buffaloes, lions, hippopotamus, leopard, okapi, bongo, warthog, water-buck, bush-buck, blue duikers, bay duiker, yellow backed duiker, red river hog, giant forest hog, topi, aardvark, Kob and many others.
This makes Virunga National Park to overflow with stunning beauty shown by high diversity in terrain, land features, vegetation and plant. Virunga is one place in the East Africa that does not disappoint simply because it is a centre of all beauty you can expect here. As per statistics, 218 mammal species and 22 are primates, 706 bird species, 109 reptiles and 65 amphibian species were recorded at Virunga region. All these can be observed whether one is game drive, nature walks, hikes, boat cruise or trekking them in the forest.

The rainforests, montane forests and alpine vegetation offer home and best spotting point for primate specie like chimpanzees, mountain gorillas, red-tailed monkeys, De brazza’s monkey, blue monkey, golden monkey, Dent’s Mona monkey, Hamlyn’s monkey, Central African red Colubus mantled guereza, grey-cheeked Mangabeys, black and white Colubus monkey and olive baboon and many more others.

Mountain Nyiragongo

This is an active volcano located bordering Lake Kivu in Rwanda. This offers the best view that any ardent traveler cannot stop wanting to have more and more. It recently erupted and still beauty and a lot can be explore here like hiking to the top and see the landscape in a different aspect.

Mountain Mikeno
You cannot be in Congo and fail to take glimpse at its amazing features. This has the second highest speak after mount karisimbi on the Virunga mountains strata of heights and ranked amongst top tallest 20 in Africa.

Birding in Virunga National Park
Watching and listening to various sweet sounds and noise from the tremendous bird species usually rise you up very early in the morning and begin singing on the trees. These extra ordinary and persuasive sweet melodies can change you perspective of environmental conservation since they change your sounds of urban cars and machines to the authentic ones which beautifies your experience while at Virunga National Park full of exceptional and rare species that cannot be found anywhere else. So of these bird species found here include: the Grey-throated Barbet, Double-toothed Barbet, Yellow-billed Barbet and so many other unique birds.


Mountain gorilla trekking;

Gorilla - Virunga National Park Baby Gorilla - Virunga National Park

Since Virunga National Park borders Rwanda and Uganda’s destinations full of gorillas and it has nice food for this animals, many extended their thus making it a best place for tracking them too. This is the third place for tracking mountain gorillas in East Africa and Africa.

Chimpanzees tracking

Travelers highly interested in tracking, trekking chimpanzees, this is a best point for doing it having one-hour interaction with the chimpanzees. Also chimpanzee habituation experience is an exciting travel activity that gives travelers an entire day unlimited interaction with families of chimpanzees which involves searching for chimpanzees before they leave their nests, spend entire day observing and discovering their habits until evening when they make nests for the night. What an awesome experience?

Nature walks;
Characterized with series of vegetation, there is more at Virunga national park that is embedded in the nature walk here where tourists set out in the morning and walk into the wilderness to explore and discover the breathtaking beauty of the landscape, reach to all the secret corners with unbelievable sightings and unique sounds from the entire wilderness.

Nyiragongo hike;

Nyiragongo Hike - Virunga National Park Mountain Nyiragongo - Virunga National Park

The best travel destination blessed with natural beauty in abundance. Hiking to the summit of Nyiragongo and observing the natural geographic force as boiling molten lava gush out of the earth crust is an experience that is so rare and for the stonehearted. Nyiragongo hiking safari is a test for travelers’ bravery and a very rare opportunity that awakens travelers’ adventure senses. Book now on Gorilla Cousins Rwanda and let’s explore this Mountain together.

Landscape viewing;
Virunga National Park is mountainous, hilly and amazingly escaped any traveler would love spending time at this destination with eye-catching landscapes that appeal you. From snow peaked, Nyiragongo active volcanic , extinct volcanic craters, rift valley, clear water bodies, rainforests, savanna grassland and many other, Virunga National Park is every nature lover’s dream destination. Hiking, photography and sightseeing safaris are very popular and give travelers wonderful experiences than ever before. Book with us at Gorilla Cousins Rwanda and you won’t be disappointed.

Birding watching;
There is no other better place for doing this amazing activity of bird watching expedition in the whole of Congo than at Virunga national park. This alone has any kind of bird species that any ardent bird is looking for is in Virunga have very high potential but opportunities are not fully exploited as of now. Some birds here include: Grey throated barbet, Madagascar bee-eater, Narrow-tailed starling, Ruwenzori turaco, African fish eagle and many others are often sighted.

There is no better place to see what the whole world has to offer all gathered and found in one place like at Virunga national park. The park is rich in its diversity, beauty, features and filled up with amazing activities that will thrill any tourist visiting g this place to the best of what it has to know. Would you love to visit this park? Don’t hesitate contacting us via our email and all inquiries, questions and answers are availed.