Zip Lining at Mount Kigali

The unfamiliar feeling experienced while flying at an unusual altitude. The spectacular irreversible moment that gives you an opportunity to fly on a line and see the hilly Kigali city on a bird’s eye view. Just after Horseback riding, the zip lining presents itself of another unrivaled momentous jaunt.

Zip lining experience is done at the Fazenda Sengha. This is a recreational facility best for equestrian culture in the country of a thousand hills” Rwanda.” this facility was intentionally created on socially and environmentally friendly rationales that also targeted to uniting friends and families interested in in doing these exciting outdoor adventurous activities.

Zip Lining Zip Lining

At Fazenda Sengha, you can opt for an exciting horseback ride around the summit or do an unforgettable zip lining experience. A zip line handler glides from the launch deck/ starting point to a relatively lower landing spot propelled by gravity. This action is facilitated by a pulley suspended on a steel cable. Doing a zip lining experiment is crazier ever because you will scream in fear during the flying time but then afterwards, you will reminisce on the experience of flying and yearn to it again and again. Have you ever seen ardent and serial fun adventurers jump out of flying airplanes in extreme pursuit of adventure? Yes, it scares but its worthy trying it.

You will feel like flying. As speed increases, the zip wire you are hooked to becomes invisible, further enhancing your ’flying’ skills and general, it is a combination of thrill and fear but with a sweet ending and stay afterwards. You shall be briefed with essential tips relevant to as far is a successful zip lining activity is concerned.

My first plunge was nerve-wracking. Subsequent ones were thrilling but not as terrifying. When I got comfortable, I wished the lines were longer. I wished I could fly to Shyorongi and beyond.

On that unforgettable day, you will ascend to mount Kigali’s highest point, conquer fear and soar to new heights as you fly on the zip lines. Great location, knowledgeable Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guides, impressive safety standards and stunning panoramic views.

Do you really need us at Gorilla Cousins to say more? You can book with us any Rwandan safari whenever you are travelling to Kigali and we surely shall add this activity to your itinerary. For if there any questions you would like to be answered, kindly contact us at Gorilla Cousins Rwanda and we are eagerly waiting to respond to them. Welcome to the remarkable Rwanda with Gorilla Cousins Rwanda.!