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Congo Gorilla Trekking Permit Price

Congo gorilla trekking permit price is the only assurance that an individual can trek gorillas in Congo. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is one of the last wild frontiers remaining in Africa and home to part of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. With the largest expanse of true rainforests coupled with limited human intervention, it is unique Africa safari destination. For a Gorilla trekking experience, the Democratic Republic of Congo is the best place to go, for here you can experience a very pristine environment in the popular trekking destination for the mountain Gorillas.

In Congo, the mountain gorillas are fond in Virunga National Park which is found within the Virunga Mountains of which Mgahinga Gorilla National Park of Uganda and the Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda are also part. Virunga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the continent’s most biologically diverse protected area. Situated in a region which has been deeply impacted by the effects of war and armed conflict for over 20 years, Virunga is protected by a dedicated team of over 700 rangers. The park has three primate species which are the mountain gorilla, eastern lowland gorilla and the eastern chimpanzee.

About 1063 mountain gorillas are estimated to be existent in the world with Virunga having part of this population. In Virunga’s southern sector around Bukima, there are currently eight gorilla families and four solitary males. The gorilla families are habituated which means they are accustomed to human presence and safe for tourists to visit during Congo gorilla safaris. Mountain gorilla habituation is a critical component in making gorilla treks possible as it allows for detailed research to be undertaken on the species. This process takes between two to three years done by researchers and rangers who visit the gorillas on a daily basis. It helps increase understanding of the mountain gorilla behavior as well as allowing veterinary teams to intervene if gorillas are injured or showing signs of ill health.

After mountain gorillas go through habituation, they are opened up for trekking. To trek gorillas in Congo, an individual must be 15 years or more and purchased a gorilla trekking permit. Congo gorilla trekking permit price is at US$ 400 for each person. The Congo gorilla trekking permit price is way much less than that of Uganda and Rwanda. The gorilla trekking permit in Uganda is at US$ 700 whereas that of Rwanda is at US$ 1500. The gorilla trekking permit in Congo has a cheaper cost, however, tourism to the country has been greatly affected by unrests which has left the destination less preferable. Currently efforts have been made to keep the country safe for tourists and therefore can be visited all year round.

Congo Gorilla Trekking Safari

Other Guidelines on Visiting Congo for Gorilla trekking

  • To visit Congo, a person requires to purchase a visa which costs US$ 100. A Congo tourist visa should be applied for in advance before the trip.
  • Make sure you have a yellow fever card after receiving the vaccination.
  • Carry along the right clothing needed for gorilla trekking. Pack especially long sleeved shirts and trousers with a warm jacket. Also carry comfortable hiking boots that can go through the jungle and protects your feet from bites.
  • Choose to visit the country in the months of June – September and December – February when the rains are less and hiking is easier.

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