Dian Fossey Trail – Volcanoes Park Rwanda

Dian Fossey Trail – Volcanoes Park Rwanda

What is so peculiar about this trail?

Dian Fossey Trail was used by the American zoologists with her porters on the way to the research camp. A place where she conducted her studies about gorillas in Rwanda. Dian Fossey Trail goes through different vegetation hagenia trees forest, hypericum trees, and meadows with giant lobelia. All the trek is on stable trails, with fantastic stunning views of natural beauty.  You also need not to scramble through dense vegetation unlike during the gorilla tracking experience. Dian Fossey Trail got its name from the famous American zoologist, primatologist, and anthropologist who undertook an extensive study of Gorilla groups for more than a decade (more than 18 years) in 1967.  And she was murdered in 1985 however she had written books like the Gorilla mist and the film “Gorillas in the mist”

Dian Fossey Trail

Prior her murder, she had become the concern and the key player in the conservation of the mountain gorillas in this country and world over. Her anti-poaching campaigns are thought to be the reason that she was murdered in 1985. Her work and dedication to preserving the mountain Gorillas and her legacy lives on in the villages, countries and regions where both mountain and lowland gorillas are found at and benefiting the locals around, the states and others who go and have encounter with these endangered animal species where money is charged for gorilla permits sold to have experience with these animals. After many had watched her movie, they picked interest in trekking these animals hence they began flooding the Volcanoes Mountains in Rwanda where they are conserved at. The case with her is still open since she was murdered in 1985.

Dian Fossey Trail

The trek starts across fields which relatively gently steepen towards the Park’s wonderful dry-stone wall.

 The hike/trek takes you to the trail

The research center is on a historic place where all the stories concerning Dian Fossey’s efforts in sensitizing about gorilla’s conservation in Rwanda really happened. There remain some ruins a reminder of the civil war but the Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guides will give you a lot of interesting information that they know you must get to hear to bend up your trek on this particular trail.

Dian Fossey Trail Dian Fossey Trail

Top bring to your awareness that this great lady loved gorillas and the world realized late after she had already been murdered, the burial ground of gorillas that next to Dian Fossey Tombstone has words on it reading ‘No-one loved gorillas more. Rest in Peace dear Friend Eternally protected in this Sacred Ground for You are Home where you belong’. So emotional but if you have not tracked gorillas, you don’t know the kind of animals she was researching about.

The Dian Fossey hike can be done at your will either before or after the gorilla trekking experience. The hike gives you a chance to take photos of the different vegetation of the national park forest, and there is plenty of time to enjoy the forest learn more about trees, plants, Diane Fossey and her life, gorillas and their behavior and conservation, about national park and the culture of the people around.

You won’t get to know of any more sensitive interesting worthy listening to information about this trail if you don’t visit it on ground. Let any traveler reach here for the greatest encounter with these animals “the man’s greatest relative”. Be ready to explore with the great tour operator in the region which us at Gorilla Cousins Rwanda tours and Travel Company and the trip to Dian Fossey trail kick off with the arrangements.