Home to the Big 5 – Akagera National Park

Located in the north eastern part of the country at Rwanda– Tanzanian border, Akagera national park is a wildlife haven of beauty decorated by wild animals and all the big five are found and easily viewed in this one place.

It was gazetted in 1934 to protect animals and vegetation, Akagera national park that was previously called River kagera is one of the largest protected wetlands in Africa that was named after the Kagera River flowing to the eastern boundary of Rwanda with Tanzania.  In addition to river Kagera, the park is made up of the combination of other swamps that team up to give a beautiful scenery on top of the wildlife.

Akagera National Park Akagera National Park

 The big five here include; Lion, elephants, buffaloes, rhinoceros and leopards. While here, expect to see zebras, elephants, lions, rhinoceros, leopards and several bird species that all make your travel and adventure experience so mesmerizing to tell stories about Africa.

Activities here include:

Wildlife Game Drives

Akagera national park is home for wildlife animals and game drive here is  just a wordless experience  and for any visitor coming here, a lot of love for wildlife is just adjusted into greater depth due to full surprises of  nature being  revealed to visitors all exploring the  treasured  wonders in the wilderness that are so scenic, the wildlife include like buffaloes, antelopes including; the elands, topis, Maasai giraffes, monkeys, Savannah birds, civets, leopards, the hyenas, as well as the Tsavo cats. With the knowledgeable e guide on board during your game drive, expect the best of the game drives at Akagera national park. please move with a snack, enough water and  more simple foods in your back pack bag in case its long drive so as not to allow hunger to deny you to view all what this park has to offer.

While here, there are also nocturnal game drives and this gives an opportunity to see the animals that cannot be seen during day time life the bush babies and other predators as they hunt for supper too. Birds too like owls.  A few leopards, lions, civets, Tsavo cats, the hyenas, birds as well as the bush babies with their large eyes.


Akagera National Park - Birding Akagera National Park - Birding

Akagera national park being home for water based birds, forest lovers, Savannah and migratory birds should not be missed by any birding enthusiast because it’s a habitant for over 500 bird species that are easily spotted.  many of these birds being endemic  and so rare like the papyrus gonolex which is found in the papyrus swamps, There are also the localized red faced barbets, and the swamp fly catcher as well as the elusive shoebill stork all found in Akagera National park.

 Fishing in lake Shakani

lake Shakani - Akagera National Park lake Shakani - Akagera National Park

Imagine an experience of seeing the big five animals in the wilderness, see the nocturnal animals too and also catch the African fish in the same place. How will you write that story for the grand children and they don’t ask to go to the same place too? Try visiting and do this activities and stand a chance to tell a real adventurous story to the loved ones who didn’t turn up with you. This extra ordinary activity can be carried out along the shores of Lake Shakani, fire and get it ready to be roasted in time for lunch.

Boat safaris on Lake Ihema

Lake Ihema is one of the lakes in East Africa with the largest concentrations of hippos. Not only hippos but also has so many crocodiles that ca be seen along the shores of the lake. One can also expect to see the many water birds like shoe bill stork on top of birds, animals like elephants will also come to bathe and drink water and this draws an opportunity to get closer to them compared to distant viewing during the game drive.

Surrounded by many cultivated hills that enrich the scenery of Rwanda, Akagera national Park has quite beautiful scenery. With low landscape, made up of wide plains filled up with grass, shrubs, both thick and thin forests growing in the general rugged terrain that is a real trait of Rwanda.

Where next?

After your wildlife experience in Akagera, you can choose to go to Uganda “the pearl of Africa” with places to visit like the primates capital at Kibale forest national park the mountain gorillas and golden monkey home at Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Book with info@gorillacousinsrwanda.com and your dream trip will be arranged with a very knowledgeable guide who won’t leave anything about Akagera national park uncovered.


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