How to get a Gorilla Permit – Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

How to get a Gorilla Permit – Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

How to get a gorilla permit is definitely one of the essential information you should know when planning to take gorilla trekking tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. A gorilla permit can be described as a document issued to any person intending to trek gorillas as an allowance or permission to visit the gorilla habitats. A gorilla permit is issued by the responsible authorities in the countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo at a cost for any person above the age of 15 to visit the gorilla habitats. Gorilla permits must be purchased before the trekking day if any person is to be able to access the parks and spend a maximum of 1 hour in the presence of the gorilla family allocated.

Mountain gorillas live only in their natural habitats which calls for regulation on how people get into their habitats and therefore the issuing of permits to monitor how many people visit the parks a day. There are four national parks that host mountain gorillas in Africa and these are Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Virunga National Park in Congo, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda.

Congo gorilla trekking permit price is at US$ 400 for each person. The Congo gorilla trekking permit price is way much less than that of Uganda and Rwanda. The gorilla trekking permit in Congo has a cheaper cost, however, tourism to the country has been greatly affected by unrests which has left the destination less preferable. Currently efforts have been made to keep the country safe for tourists and therefore can be visited all year round.

Uganda gorilla permit in 2020 costs US$ 700 for foreign nonresidents, US$ 600 for foreign residents and Ugandan Shillings 250,000 for Ugandans and East African Citizens.

In Rwanda, the gorilla trekking permit costs US$ 1500 each. However, till 31st December 2020, Rwanda gorilla trekking tour permits have been discounted to US$ 200 for Rwandans and East African citizens residing in Rwanda and US$ 500 for foreign residents.

How to get a Gorilla Permit in Rwanda

To purchase a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda contact your Rwanda gorilla safari company before the trip to make a booking. When booking for a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda, be sure of when you are planning to travel and the gorilla tracking date since permits are allocated for specific dates. Permits are distributed by the Rwanda Development Board.

How to get a Uganda gorilla permit

To book and purchase a gorilla permit in Uganda, it is easy if you contact a credible Uganda tour operator. All bookings and payments will be made to your interests. Individually booking through the Uganda Wildlife Authority is also possible. The permits are available all year throughout and the same procedure applies for the two national parks.

Booking for Uganda gorilla permits should be done at least six months in advance during the peak season and three months prior during the low season. This is because permits are at a high demand and therefore can be fully booked for the date you may desire to go tracking.

How to get a gorilla permit in Congo

To book a permit in Congo, contact a certified Congo gorilla tour operator for all bookings and these should be done early enough. These permits can be booked all year round at a very low cost. The permits are distributed by the Virunga National Park Authority. For Congo, after booking the permit also ensure to have a tourist Visa with a test of the yellow vaccine.

Gorillas Cousins has expertize of more than 10 years organizing gorilla trekking safaris and therefore just contact with your desired date of travel for booking. To purchase the gorilla trekking permit, payment should be made at least months before your gorilla tour.

Be it Uganda, Rwanda or Congo, you can easily get your gorilla permit by contacting Gorilla Cousins Rwanda prior the trip. Gorilla trekking is raising on top of Africa safari tours and will definitely offer you the ultimate primate tracking experience. For wildlife encounters, combine your gorilla tracking trips with Kenya safaris or Tanzania tours to the top wildlife viewing parks.

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