Iby’iwacu cultural village – The nest of Rwanda’s culture

Iby’iwacu cultural village – The nest of Rwanda’s culture

Entrance of Iby’iwacu cultural village

Inside Iby’iwacu cultural village

 Entrance of Iby’iwacu cultural village  Inside Iby’iwacu cultural village

Once animal poachers now stress poachers! Iby’iwacu cultural village is located at the outskirts of Volcanoes National park in Munsanze district of Rwanda in Ruhengeri, get ready to be part of awesome activities like mock hunting based on a true story on how they used to poach animals at volcanoes national park, millet grinding on flat shaped grinding stone, potatoes growing, Banyarwanda traditional food preparation banana beer making and so many hand on activities that exhaust but worthy to participate by visitors.

Former poachers performing a welcome dance - Iby'iwacu Members of the Iby’iwacu community performing a dance
Former poachers performing a welcome dance. Members of the Iby’iwacu community performing a dance.

Iby’iwacu cultural village is made up of ex animal killers who reformed and established a non-profit organization intended to uplift and raise projects that help out the community people and these projects instead turned them into stress poachers leaving every tourist who visits their community with endless bundles of stories to tell home people, and too much overload of fun. At this center, best authentic moments are offered to all visitors. Book a trip on www.gorillacousinsrwanda.com and grab this first hand amazement of experiential fun too.

Traditional marriage in Iby'iwacu cultural village Traditional marriage in Iby’iwacu cultural village
Traditional marriage in Iby’iwacu cultural village Marriage procession in Iby’iwacu cultural village

While at Iby’iwacu cultural village, kings and queens for a day are crowned and fully dressed in royal regalia, treated by king’s medicinal men, surrounded by the palace chosen guards, subordinates entertain the royal family, fire lite to show the presence of the king. A mock traditional marriage arranged in front of the king at the king’s palace with both the bride and groom’s parents present who later escort the bride to her arranged family in front of all members. Wow what an experience? Book a trip with info@gorillacousinsrwanda.com and you could be a king or queen of the day.

Way of life of the community people like going to cultivation fields together which immerses the visitors into the local life style thus grasping the knowledge and experience unduplicated. The serene environment about this community makes one to establish the citizenship at the place. So exhilarating, so indescribable just the best. For anything concerning community tourism in Rwanda, look no further Iby’iwacu cultural village is the complete nest for cultural convergence in the country. Book your trip online via www.gorillacousinsrwanda.com

Other activities include;
• Batwa pottery experience that teaches on different basic skills.
• Art and crafts where you shall see the making of items like itopito the kids’ hunting tool, the gorilla wooden mask
• Football matches with the ex-poachers.
• Exploring the 8(eight) dances and their matching respective instruments. And also listening to the gorilla song sung by Ngayabatema. Other traditional dances like intore dances and local traditional musical instruments like Umuduri, ikembe , traditional songs like Hinga amasaka that entertain all intended to thrill your stay at the community.
• Time with the traditional healer hearing about different medicinal trees, herbs, grasses and their uses and how they were administered to the local patients.

This community can be visited while going for fun moments at Volcanoes mountains..

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