Kibale National Park- East Africa’s primates’ capital

Kibale forest national park Uganda 2020, to see, to do.

Kibale national park is found in a lush tropical rainforest infiltrated with the highest density of primates in Africa. It’s most famous for being the best places in the world to track wild chimpanzees.

With five groups habituated to human contact, you can contact Gorilla cousins Rwanda for an arrangement that will see you encounter with the chimpanzees.

 Kibale forest national park in Uganda is home to 13 primate species. Among the primate species here include the rarely spotted red colobus, bush baby and L’Hoest’s monkeys. Larger but rarely seen residents include bushbucks, sitatungas, buffaloes, leopards and quite a few forest elephants. There are also an incredible 250 species of butterfly that live here. While on the smaller side, Kibale national park also has a great bird list with 372 species. Birders your dish here is fully readily yummy for serving. Contact the Gorilla cousins Rwanda as the chef and rest will be prepared for you to go and update your memory levels.

Kibale forest national park Location.

This is the home to the second thought for primates in on earth after the mountain gorillas. It is situated in the southwestern part of Kampala city– Uganda’s capital.

Kibale forest national park is most popular for being the wild home for one of the most endangered but valuable specie of primate known as the chimpanzees.

There are also other primates here like the bush babies, olive baboon monkeys and several others.There is a lot to-do in this tropical forest that include:

Activities/ What to do at Kibale national park

Trekking chimpanzees: A priceless encounter with the second sought for family of primates (chimpanzees) in Kibale national park is the dream come true.

Chimpanzee in Kibale

The untold thrilling experience is the kind of you would like to miss? Well for us at Gorilla Cousins Rwanda, we love nothing but the best. After securing the chimpanzee trekking permits, you are good to go.

Just like gorilla trekking permits, chimpanzee tracking permits too are highly demanded and this calls for early enough reservation and bookings to be made prior the date of travelling.

We at Gorilla cousins Rwanda can do this for you. A chimpanzee tracking experience always lasts between 2-5 hours depending on the time where they are feeding at and the previous night rest location.

But usually, the chimpanzee trekking permit permits you one hour of close encounter with the chimpanzees. Contact us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda for the safari planning and arrangement.

Birding: To the passionate, enthusiastic and the avidly ardent bird watchers, skip a meal but not to your favorite activity at the home of the rich bird species.

Birds at Wetland in Kibale national park

Kibale national park yields a lot of space, trees- used by birds as homes, fruits for food and thick enough befitting the areas where the birds can stay. Is there a specific bird that you have always searched for and want to see so easily?

Come with Gorilla cousins Rwanda to Kibale forest national park. It has not only your sought for bird but also the ones you were about to here and seek for.

Where to meet with Chimpanzee primates in Uganda?

Chimpanzee habituation: The awesome and ideal way to immerse yourself to learn more about the chimpanzees. Habituation also gives you more time to get up-close with the chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Post habituation process will leave you knowledgeable on various things that chimpanzees do that include the feeding, the family or group headships and other chimpanzees‘ traits.

Habituation takes a couple of years  before these individual group is introduced for trekking. while you accompany the team studying their conduct, the permit you buy guarantees you to be with them for 4 hours.

Nature walks. Create your own way. Nature walks in Kibale national park give you a zero disturbance encounter with what this forest is made of. It will show its true nature to you while on this activity.

The thick paths that sometimes are muddy, water channels crossed by wiggly bridges will draw you closer to the remixing singing birds, the countless beautiful butterflies and several other attractions here that will be closer on the day you are doing this activity.

Where else to see Chimpanzees from in Uganda?

There are also other areas for trekking chimpanzees in Uganda. They include; Budongo first national park in the Murchison falls national park, Kalinzu forest and Kyambura gorge national park and other areas. This is the home to many of what we seek for memories. It is time to experience them with Gorilla cousins Rwanda.

Below are sample Itineraries to take you to Kibale forest national park.

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Welcome to the primates capital of the world “Kibale forest national park” with Gorilla cousins Rwanda.