Rwanda Car Hire: Kigali Rwanda Car Rental (starting 50$) Self Drive

Rwanda Car Hire: Kigali Rwanda Car Rental (starting 50$) Self Drive. 4X4 Rwanda Car Rental Fleet. Toyota Rav4 $50/day. Available for hire on both Self drive Rwanda, and chauffeur hire, Full time 4×4 and seats 4pax max with luggage space. Prado Land Cruiser $100/day. Costa Bus $200/day. Land Cruiser V8 $120/day. Land Rover Defender $90. Land cruiser $120/day.

Self Drive Rwanda- 4×4 Car Rental Rwanda, Kigali Car Hire

Gorilla Cousins Rwanda uses almost exclusively Toyota products; these are the most widely used vehicles in Rwanda and as such the most efficient in terms of maintenance and repairs.  Toyota parts are available throughout Rwanda, and East Africa, for that matter.  Vehicle reliability is of major importance to Gorilla Cousins Rwanda and it’s one of many items that we refuse to compromise on.  The variety of vehicles that we have ranged from the popular 4-wheel drive LandCruiser to the 9-seater Super Custom Vans with the pop-up roofs.  All our vehicles are air-conditioned, well maintained, and driven by driver/mechanic/guides that are capable of doing minor repairs en route, should this unlikely event occur.  Our vehicles are completely covered with comprehensive Insurance, have a first-aid kit on board, as well as a convenient guide book and map of Rwanda.

Over the years, we have discovered that the most important feature of a tour vehicle is in fact the driver.  As good as a vehicle is maintained and cleaned, the driving and handling of the vehicle do become the most important feature.  We at Gorilla Cousins Rwanda are very proud of our team of driver-guides; they have been hand-picked and have been with us for years.  We know only too well, that the only contact our clients really have with our staff is in fact the driver-guides; we, therefore, are aware that these people are the front line representatives of our company.  It is very important to us that our clients are dealt with in a most professional manner; politeness, consideration, and above all safety and comfort are most important.  Our reputation can ride on the satisfaction that our clients had with our driver-guides and there are no corners cut when it comes to this area of our business.

All our driver-guides are fluent in English.  They are familiar with the local languages of all the destinations we travel to in Rwanda as well as the local customs.   Our driver-guides are very familiar with the roads in Rwanda and are updated daily on construction and detours, to avoid unnecessary delays for our clients.  We know the value of time and have instilled these values with all of our staff so that waiting times are greatly reduced or eliminated altogether.  We believe we have the best fleet and fleet operators in the business, and our clients are constantly confirming this regularly.

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