The remarkable tour around Kigali City


Located in central Rwanda, this also doubles as the capital city. Kigali was branded by United Nations(UN) as the cleanest city in the region. Full of breathtaking moments, Kigali must be on anyone’s travel bucket list to start or end a journey for its amazement. The city is best known for cleanliness, orderliness and hospitality of the Banyarwanda people. The most widely spoken local dialect is Kinyarwanda. Kigali is a one stop place for all the kind of people, that’s business, fun, tourism, conference, and others. Safe, clean, secure, attractive, delicious dishes and so many more are in Rwanda.

Kigali Town Radisson Blue Hotel and Conventional Centre - Kigali
Kigali Town Radisson Blue Hotel and Conventional Centre

The activities to do and places to visit are;

Visit to milk bar


Milk Bar - Kigali Kuruhimbi Milk Bar Kigali
Milk Bar Kuruhimbi Milk Bar Kigali

Owning cattle in Rwanda symbolizes prosperity, great identity, wealth hence many people have lots of herds of cattle and out of this, milk production shot high in quantities and that’s the basis for the establishment of the milk bar so as to simplify its acquisition instead of going to villages in search for milk.

Amahoro stadium


Amahoro stadium - Kigali Fans cheering a game in Amahoro Stadium - Kigali
Amahoro stadium Fans cheering a game in Amahoro Stadium

Well known as the biggest capacity holding sports arena in Kigali, this spot never rests because it holds all sorts of big events ranging from football, rugby union games, music concerts, political rallies as well as government events. Though a lot is known about this place, in the course of the Hutu and Tutsi wars, the Tutsi were put in this stadium in thousands of numbers by united nations as safety place for harboring them from harm. This made it safer for all other events since the refugees that UN settled there weren’t bothered. Its sits about 30,000 people.

Inema arts Centre.

Inema Arts centre - Kigali Art piece in Inema Arts Centre - Kigali
Inema Arts centre Art piece in Inema Arts Centre


A gallery and workshop for artists in residence, found in a large house owned by two brothers with finest touches on the final artworks from the super talented painters, you can’t be in Kigali and go tell home people how you were here without taking some African arts pieces from here.

Kigali memorial genocide site.

Entrance to the site - Kigali Kigali genocide memorial
Entrance to the site Kigali genocide memorial

Built to commemorate the ugliest tragic moments ever for the people of Rwanda. This site is established in Kigali so as to reflect always  what happened in 1994 and as well ensure that nothing near that or of that type ever repeats its self in the history of Rwanda. This tragic moment begun after the death of the president of that reign in plane crash and the Hutu attacked the Tutsi that led to a historical ugliest incident that saw thousands of Rwandese citizens being slaughtered and with several deaths numbers increasing on daily basis during the era.

Please while in Rwanda, get time, go pay respect to the innocent souls and also get more informative information about this beautiful city.

Other places to visit include.

  • Nyamirambo Women’s Center
  • Nyamata Church
  • Kimironko Market
  • Repub Lounge
  • And many others.

Planning to visit Kigali Genocide Memorial and other destinations during your Kigali vacation? Make use of our online booking or we are so willing to arrange you a customized tour to suit your needs.

Night life in Kigali

Night life in Kigali Night Club in Kigali
Night life in Kigali Night Club in Kigali

Kigali is no more a silent city as it used to be. It’s now like Kampala where never sleeps that’s party after party, fun after fun, there are several night life spots that will keep you on your toes the whole night dancing to the Rwandese music and music from all corners of the world depending on the theme of the night. The Rwandese ladies will keep you company whole night. The few on the party spots in Kigali include:

  • Black and White Club – If you are in search for a crowd in Kigali, this is the place. Located inside the Alpha Palace Hotel, you will find expats here as well, but the DJs tend to favor Rwandan music so come dance to Rwandan music here if you are a real fun of it.
  • Papyrus Nightclub The entrance to the this fun centre found at the bottom floor of the large building near the brochettes BBQ and pool table. It’s an inexplicable fun when with a group of friends
  • Crystal Club – Located on top of Top Tower Hotel, offering great views on top of musical adventure. This one a venue to spend night life from. You can’t be here and end up in pool of boredom but it is not the place hang out at  if you prefer a crowded club, because most individuals usually rent here to make/host private parties, in which case it can be a lot of fun, but if no private party, its loners den.
  • K-Club – The classy fancy night hub for people like you with extra servicing like table service. Dress nicely. It’s probably the most ‘proper’ clubby type place in Kigali so give it a try if that’s your thing.
  • Legacy Lounge – Just K- club this night life house of fun also a place for fancy lie interested guys meaning ever thing is classy. Give it a try while in Kigali.

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