1 Day gorilla trek in Rwanda


This 1 day gorilla trekking trip in Rwanda,brings travelers with the shortest Rwanda Safaris giving them  the most memorable gorilla trekking experience in  volcanoes national park.1 day gorilla trekking- Rwanda Safaris

Detailed itinerary 

1 day gorilla trekkingOn this 1 day gorilla trekking tour, your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda tour guide will pick up at the Kigali International Airport, or your hotel at 4 in the morning; depending on what your travel arrival plans.  Your journey will begin immediately you are in the vehicle in the parking lot; heading off to Volcanoes National park, a two and a half hour drive.  Your guide will give you a verbal briefing while you are traveling up the mountainous roads to the Park Headquarters.  Upon arrival at the Park Headquarters, you will be served coffee or tea, while a local cultural group entertain you with a local dance and drumming routine.  Shortly thereafter, the final paperwork will be finished, and you will be assigned to one of the 10 families of Mountain Gorillas.  A short briefing and talk about park etiquette will be given by your Park Ranger and then you will be ready to head off to the track for your search for the gorillas.

During this 1 day gorilla trekking tour, you will then start your gorilla trek by driving to the starting point for your tracking.  Because the Mountain Gorillas are forever moving about the forest, it could take anywhere from an hour to 8 hours to meet up with the particular Gorilla Family you have been assigned to.  There are rangers in the forest following the trail left by the Gorillas in the early morning; these rangers are in constant contact with your Ranger Guide.  When the Gorillas are spotted, your Ranger Guide will then be alerted and you will proceed to the exact location that they are at that moment.  You will be provided with a packed lunch, as the uncertainty of how long you will be in the forest; this lunch you will have to eat either before or after meeting the Gorillas, as it is not permitted to eat in front of them.

When you finally meet up with the Gorilla Family, you will be allowed one hour of observing and photographing.  After the hour is spent, you will then be guided back to your vehicle to re-connect with your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide, who will then commence to drive you back to Kigali for your onward flight at the airport, or to your hotel, depending on what your plans are.  If time permits, there are a number of cultural opportunities to visit, that your guide can inform you of.  These include the Genocide Memorial Center in Kigali, the Ibyiwacu Cultural Center (which is near the Park Headquarters), or one of the local markets outside or within Kigali City Center.

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