6 Days Rwanda Safaris

Brief description of itinerary

Get to enjoy this 6 Days Rwanda Safaris. From the thrilling gorilla tracking and golden monkey tracking at the Volcanoes national park  to yet another huge primate safaris consisting of chimpanzee tracking at Nyungwe forest national park giving travelers  on primate watch safaris a full package of their Rwanda Tours.

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2 $1975 pp $2495 pp $2545  pp
4 $1685 pp $2180  pp $2230  pp
6 $1575  pp $2045  pp $2145 pp
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On the first day of your 6 Days Rwanda Safaris, your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda tour guide will pick up at the Kigali International Airport and brief you on your upcoming 6-day  Rwanda Gorilla Tracking safari. Your journey will begin immediately you are in the vehicle in the parking lot; heading off to Volcanoes National park, a two and a half hour drive.  Time permitting, your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide will give you Rwanda tour of Kigali city; this will include the Genocide Memorial Center, the most famous attraction in the Capital City.

You will then drive the two and a half hours it takes to Volcanoes National Park and check in at your accommodation.  Dinner will be served at your lodge.

Gorilla Families in Rwanda - 6 Days Rwanda Safaris
Silverbacks a popular sighting in Gorilla Families


You will get up early in the morning on the second day of your 6 Days Rwanda Safaris, be served a quick breakfast at your lodgings and head off to the Park Headquarters of Volcanoes National Park.  Upon arrival at the Park Headquarters, you will be served coffee or tea, while a local cultural group entertain you with a local dance and drumming routine.  Shortly thereafter, the final paperwork will be finished, and you will be assigned to one of the 10 families of Mountain Gorillas.  A short briefing and talk about park etiquette will be given by your Park Ranger and then you will be ready to head off to the track for your search for the gorillas.

You will then drive to the starting point for your tracking.  Because the Mountain Gorillas are forever moving about the forest, it could take anywhere from an hour to 8 hours to meet up with the particular Gorilla Family you have been assigned to.  There are rangers in the forest following the trail left by the Gorillas in the early morning; these rangers are in constant contact with your Ranger Guide.  When the Gorillas are spotted, your Ranger Guide will then be alerted and you will proceed to the exact location that they are at that moment.  We highly suggest you take a few snacks with you and water, should you be in the forest for many hours; these snacks you will have to eat either before or after meeting the Gorillas, as it is not permitted to eat in front of them.  When you finally meet up with the Gorilla Family, you will be allowed one hour of observing and photographing.

After the Gorilla Tracking, you will return to your accommodation for lunch and a little rest.  There is an opportunity for your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide to take you for an afternoon forest walk.

Before night fall, you will be returned to your accommodation for dinner.


After an early morning breakfast on the third day of your 6 Days Rwanda Safaris, you will be taken to the Park Headquarters, as for the Gorilla Tracking.  Again, you will be served coffee and tea while you get an opportunity to be entertained by the local drummers and dancers.  Afterwards, you will be assigned to your Golden Monkey Tracking group with a Park Ranger; you will then be highlighted on the tracking procedure and protocol for the Park.  After this orientation, you will be taken to the location of the start of the tracking into the forest.

Unlike the Mountain Gorilla Tracking, the Golden Monkey tracking does not take as long, in terms of meeting up with the primates, as they are usually feeding in the Bamboo Forest at the base of the mountain.  You will get to spend an hour with the Golden Monkeys, after which you will then return to your vehicle and re-unite with the Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide, who will escort you back to your accommodation for lunch.

After lunch, you will be taken to the Musanze Caves, a short distance from your accommodation.  These caves have been used by local people to live in; now they are an attraction for visitors.  The largest of the caves is 2 kilometers in length.

You will be taken back to your accommodation before night fall.  Dinner will be at your accommodation.


After breakfast on the fourth day of your 6 Days Rwanda Safaris, your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide will take you to Nyungwe National Forest for you to go on the Chimpanzee Tracking.  The journey is about 5 hours in total; you will stop in Butare, the Intellectual Capital of Rwanda on the way; it is about half way between Volcanoes and Nyungwe National Forests.  Butare is basically a university city; here there are a number of institutions of higher learning, including a prominent Seminary.  Butare is a great cultural pit-stop between the Gorilla Tracking and the Chimpanzee Tracking.  There are museums to visit, shops to look at and good restaurants.

Lunch will be in Butare; your guide will take you to a Rwandese restaurant so you can try local traditional food.

When you are finished with your tour of Butare, your guide will take you on to Nyungwe National Forest; directly to your accommodation for checking in a rest after the day of traveling.


After breakfast on the fifth day of your 6 Days Rwanda Safaris, your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide will escort you to the Park Ranger’s headquarters in Nyungwe Forest National Park to organize the last minute details of your Chimpanzee Tracking.  The Chimpanzees are very different in many ways from the Gorillas, and how to find them in the forest is no exception; the Chimpanzees are moving about in the trees and on the forest floor….making lots of noise and swinging from branch to branch.  It will not take long for the Chimpanzees to find you; a totally different scenario from the Gorillas as well.  In many cases they will come and take your hand and walk together on the path or just follow

Canopy walk Nyungwe Forest

you along; whatever they are up to it is not unusual for the Chimpanzees to engage physically with you.

The time with the Chimpanzees is an hour or so, and when your time is up the Ranger guide that is accompanying you, will escort you back to your vehicle and you will re-unite with your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide, and return to your accommodation for lunch.

After lunch, your guide will escort you to the track that takes you to the Canopy Walk; a 50 meter suspension bridge which is above the tree tops in the forest.  This is quite an incredible experience, getting a bird eye’s view of the forest and its inhabitants.

When you are finished, you will be guided back to your vehicle and your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide will take you back to your accommodation.Dinner is at your accommodation.


After breakfast on the last day of your 6 Days Rwanda Safaris, your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide will take you back to Kigali for your onward flight. This will be the reverse of the journey you did a couple of days previously; first a 2.5 hour drive from Bwindi National Park in Uganda to the Uganda/Rwanda border.  After clearing customs and immigration on both sides of the border, you will then

Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre
Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

drive the 1.5 hours to Kigali.   Your Gorilla Cousins Rwanda guide will take you to a local Rwandese restaurant in Kigali for some traditional food for you to taste.

If time permits, your guide will take you to the Genocide Memorial Center in Kigali, a museum set up to commemorate the Holocaust of 1994.  When the time is right, your guide will escort you to the airport to catch your flight.