Sabinyo Gorilla Family group.

A safari that takes you to meet the great giants of the apes’ family has no proxies and quintessentially overrated. A classic safari it is! It is one of the fun filled and thrilling safari taking you to the areas that you have always watched and admired to be and among are the jungles of Volcanoes national park in Rwanda! Hey! The gorilla trekking safari in the country of thousand hills “Rwanda” never stops thrilling, enticing and mind refreshing. Talk to us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda and we get you gorilla tracking permits and get chance to enter to the luxuriant vast vegetative cover at Volcanoes national park.

Amongst all the gorilla family groups found at Volcanoes national park, Sabyinyo gorilla family group is the easiest to track because its family members keep roaming at the slopes of the great Mount Sabyinyo and Mount Gahinga. Your Mountain gorilla trekking safari encountering the Sabyinyo gorilla family group is more fun and less stressful since limited movements in search of the mountain gorillas belonging to this family is minimal. The Sabyinyo gorilla family group is found in volcanoes national park. It is made up of 9 members which are Oftenly found and seen at the gentle foothills of Mt. Sabyinyo and Mt Mgahinga is the closest group normally found at the edges of the park therefore easily accessed and allocated by the trackers for travelers to do gorilla trekking activity on.

Sabyinyo gorilla family group is under the leadership of the dominant silver back. This dominant silverback was once the oldest, biggest and obviously stronger compared to the other two silver backs and other gorillas in the group. Sabyinyo gorilla family group has the largest silverback in the whole of Bwindi impenetrable forest known as Guhonda weighing 220kgs. This trait of his has always scare the rivals from the family group or enemies from attempting to attack the Sabyinyo gorilla family group because they all feared him. Within the family, Ryango was Guhonda’s challenger but he is afraid to attack and challenge to take away the leadership of Guhonda an attempt to snatch it away or overthrow him.

Sabinyo mountain gorilla family group has the following family statistics. It is made up of 3 female mountain gorilla with 2 youthful mountain gorillas and a young mountain gorilla. One of our last client loved the experience that she has this to say “Sabyinyo group of gorillas is such an impressive family that everybody would wish to visit. First of all it involves interesting activities like hiking in the dense vegetation and forested slopes of Mt Sabyinyo and Gahinga that gave us an incredible experience about gorilla that I personally will live to remember.” what is your stand now? In case you too feel like joining us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda for memories enriching gorilla trekking safari, we are ready always to take you to meet with the man’s immediate relatives living in the jungles of Volcanoes national park.

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