Semuliki National Park- The true birder’s Haven.

Semuliki national park location.

The Semuliki Valley situated in a little corner of Congo poking into Uganda. Semuliki national park  has tropical lowland rainforest in East Africa. It is a continuation of the huge Ituri Forest in the DRC and forms a link between the heights of East Africa.

The vast, steaming jungles of central Africa originate here to0. Semuliki national park covers 220 sq. km of the valley floor and harbours some intriguing wildlife, though sightings are difficult due to the thick vegetation.

It’s most famous for its primordial hot springs. This astonishing forested game park is one of Africa’s best birding destination.

Activities in Semuliki national park

Hot springs.

Semuliki national park’s top most selling and the identifying attractions are the two hot springs. Semuliki national park safaris that do not give you time to get to these hot springs, boil either eggs, Irish potato or something easy to eat is too incomplete.

This is the only game park where the money you pay for the safari guarantees you to get a hot natural sauna steam bath for the whole time you spend here.

The water oozing out of the ground is extremely hot so cautioned to be extraordinarily careful while here. water is extremely boiling At 100 degrees Celsius and we greatly applaud you be vigilant while getting nearer to the sprinkling extreme hot water and the surroundings of these hot springs.

At the male hot-spring, the pool is fully covered by smoke oozing out from the hot water underneath the hot-spring which additionally is very deep.

While on trek to these hot springs, you will go through the cool, tall and thick forest cover with beautiful vegetation where the monkey species like colobus monkey, few reptiles like snakes and others are inhabited so look out for them while on move around this forest.

What to do At Semuliki national park.

Day Game Drives/viewing: This is the best way to unwrap the best biggest cute nature’s gift presented to adorable enthusiastic natural explorers.

With rich diversity, the magical greenish cover of vegetation, the great spectacular rare species of animals, Semuliki national park is your safari park.  numbered to about 53 different kinds of mammals existent at Semuliki Valley in Semuliki national park, 27 of these are larger animals and 11 of them such as pygmy antelopes, two different kinds of flying squirrels, hopefully are at your exposure to have encounter with,  on top of these ones, unique water chevron that has been named the fanged deer are also available here for your sightings as well, the forest elephants and buffaloes which are smaller versions of their savanna-dwelling relatives are also sighted here which make your game drive one remarkable one. And be aware to keep the eyesight sharp exile on a game drive as you may be able to see the lions and leopards available here.

Nocturnal Game Drives. As many go to bed as the daylight goes down there is another set of rare creatures welcoming their time too to go out to get dinner and get in touch with a lot out there. There are some creatures or animals that are hard to explore during the day game drives Things to do and see in the Semuliki national Park and Wildlife Reserve. Semuliki national park mostly at the Semuliki Valley has a lot to bring to you during your Ugandan safari at this park like savannah, guided walks, birding, and chimpanzee tracking, village visits including a small village of the original people of the ancient forests of the area, the Batwa or here the Bambuti people.  The scenery alone is worth a visit to this Valley in the Albertine Western Rift. You cannot have the dissatisfaction in Uganda’s beautiful attractive destination.


Intensively and extensively, Semuliki national park is the bird species gem. Many bird watching enthusiasts have never made a mistake coming to do what they can do best in this place.  If you asked 10 birders randomly for the best birding sites in Uganda,  you will be surprised  at the same answer that majority would air out being  this Semuliki national park. it is called the “birders haven.”  Semuliki national park’s forest is astonishingly gifted with over 400 bird species of which 40% of Uganda’s total species and 66% of the forest birds found in Uganda. Many being endemic to this place only with their favorite and excellent bird viewing sites being Sempaya and Ntandi for incredible birds species like white-crested hornbill, red-billed dwarf hornbill, piping hornbill, yellow-throated nicator, great blue and Ross’s turaco Nkulengu Rail, Yellow-throated Cuckoo, Piping Hornbill, Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill, Black Dwarf Hornbill, White-crested Horn-bill, Black-casqued Wattled Hornbill, Red-rumped Tinker bird, African Piculet, White-throated Blue Swallow, Yellow-throated Nicator, Leaf-love, Swamp Palm Bulbul, Lemon-bellied Crombec, Maxwell’s Black Weaver, Crested Malimbe, Red-bellied Malimbe, Blue-billed Malimbe, Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch, Orange-cheeked Waxbill and manuny others are found in the Semuliki valley of amazing wonders. The close quarters of Lake Albert are always associated with the great shoebill stork. Water birds can also be tracked during forest walks. Awesome place here. If you love and enjoy bird watching safaris, stop the look for the best spot now for it and book a trip to Semuliki national park for the ultimate birding experience.

 Cultural Trails
cultural encounter with the Batwa is one tribe to expect encountering with while in Semuliki national park. The Batwa wholly depended on Semuliki forest for food, shelter, medicine and tools.

This is the fact that Batwa tribe lifestyle of hunter-gatherers however they were shocked when they were asked to evacuate the forest lifestyle  resettle outside the forests because of need to develop forest tourism here.

Your encounter with them will see you have experience’s enjoying their cultural history through music and dance performances at Ntandi.

In addition to this, they also produce beautiful handcrafts for sale that they sell cheaply so as to support their children from the outcomes of their sold works. To have time with the Batwa here

Attractions at Semuliki national park.

The Hot springs (the male and female)

The wild life

The Birds

The culture

The forest (trees).

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