Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park.

Volcanoes National Park is a top safari destination in the land of a thousand hills which is home to the widely endangered yet valuable animal species the mountain gorillas that are man’s relative. With a tremendous outrageous number of tourists in fluxing this game park, there are a lot of tourist attractions in this park that you ought not to is seeing among them is mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, mountains, the twin lakes, the birds and several others. The tremendous tourists activities in Volcanoes National park are the sole rationale for your safari to this park and among the many activities are the ones listed below:

Mountain gorilla tracking

Gorilla Trekking -Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park

This is chief and the main focus of activity and top priority for most tourists coming to the Volcanoes national park. It has 10 habituated gorilla families readily available for trekking. This is quite an interesting activity but needs a lot of preparations and early arrangements in acquisition of different requirements like the gorilla permits that will grant you access into the park to track the gorillas. If you visit east Africa without doing gorilla trekking activity, your safari is assumed not to be complete and the story you will share with those who did not come for the safari the one telling had. For primate lovers, this is the best activity among the tourists activities in Volcanoes National park.

Golden Monkey trekking

Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park

Just like mountain gorillas, this is home to the golden monkeys as well in the whole of Rwanda. This makes the activities here so peculiar ranging from magnificent ranges, trying trails gorilla trekking and now golden monkey trekking! What will stop you from visiting this park?

Golden monkeys are exceptional creatures which every traveler should not miss out on his/her Rwanda safari. It’s only in Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Mgahinga gorilla national parks in Uganda giving the opportunity to track this rare species of the monkey family. Confirm your safari today and get an opportunity to view golden monkeys in their natural habitats and the activity is cheaper than the gorilla tracking fare. Let us know about your kind of safari via our inbox.

Volcano climbing

Besides wildlife, this Volcanoes national park is also the home for the strong, physically fit and most determined fun hunters who are ready to go through any kind of pain to get the best results and stories to tell later. This park is a home for three extinct volcanoes that travelers visiting this park have an added advantage of hiking to the top of any Volcano which reward them with spectacular views of Rwanda’s rolling hills, Kigali city, Virunga volcanoes and local communities. Mt Karisimbi is the most hiked Volcano and the experience is worthy the hike. What are you waiting for if you got the stamina to overcome the so called impossibilities and see yourself on top of this mountains. Book a trip now and we surely will have it included in your itinerary. is our email.



Musanze caves- Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park Musanze caves -Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park

Found in the Virunga ranges, Musanze caves while on your Rwanda safari should be in your bucket list of travel to Volcanoes national park. Our Gorilla Cousins Rwanda knowledgeable and experienced guides will take you through these caves while telling you the mysteries of the caves, history and all other facts about Rwanda. There is a lot to explore here with the best tour operator in the region ranked first by many travelers that have used it before.


 Cultural village tours

Inside Iby’iwacu cultural village - Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park Entrance of Iby’iwacu cultural village - Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park

For culture lovers, this is a thrilling activity among the tourists activities in Volcanoes National park.  Iby’iwacu cultural centre is the home to the most renown game poachers but reformed into conservationists for the same animals they hunted to kill and also their culture. There is one practically hands on experience that you cannot miss while in this region where the man’s closest relative is conserved at the mountain gorillas.  The only place around Volcanoes national park where you can explore cultural tourism in Rwanda and you real feel the thrill is Iby’iwacu cultural centre. Try out there cattle keeping lifestyle, the kingship trial, the marriage bit, and several others like foods and dances.

Bird watching

Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park  Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park

Rwanda is one of the best bird watching destinations in Rwanda with over 29 bird species in this land of a thousand hills alone. With birds watching places spread all over the whole country like Kigali city’s hotel gardens, at Gishwati – Mukura national park, Nyungwe forest national park, Akagera national park and other several destinations that in general have in total; over 600 bird species which are all easily viewed in the country. The bird species here include: Rwenzori Turaco, regal sunbird, handsome spur fowl, Rwenzori Batis, blue headed sunbird, albertine owlet, grauler’s swamp warbler and several unique bird species.

Visit to the twin lakes.

Twin Lakes - Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park Twin Lakes Rwanda - Tourists Activities in Volcanoes National park

The twin lakes here are Ruhondo and Burera that are located in the lower slopes of Volcanoes national park in the remarkable country of the thousand hills that is the volcanoes national park. The magnificence of angulating hills on the background of the lakes that is so beautiful, the sparkles of the waters best for viewing and do some nature walks around them that will expose you to the best areas that are inaccessible if driven or moved to on a boat cruise.

There are so many other tourists activities in Volcanoes National park that  you need to come check them out and the best time to plan on the visit this park is now. Confirm and book for your safari with the ready ever team of Gorilla Cousins Rwanda and the experience will be double.