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Uganda Safaris and Tours– Uganda also known as the pearl of Africa  ushers you in with spectacular features such  as the winding hills, the green vegetation, the mountains, national parks, good climate all year round and above the friendliest and the most hospitable people. with the presence of the above features travelers on Uganda tours and Safaris are bound to venture into activities  will always keep them wanting. such activities include game drives to view wildlife in the various national parks allover the country, Uganda gorilla tours at  Bwindi national park, hiking at mountain Rwenzori also known as the mountain of the moon among others.

Below are some of the most amazing Uganda Gorilla Safaris Tours travel packages tailored to suit   our travelers needs.

Murchison falls safari

2 Days Murchison Falls Safari
2 Days Murchison Falls Safari– Murchison falls National Park is Uganda’s biggest National park and it offers one of the best safari experiences in Uganda. Read More

Gorilla Trekking safaris

3 Days Gorilla trekking Uganda
3 Days Gorilla trekking Uganda Bwindi Gorilla Safaris takes you to Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park. Bwindi has got half of the remaining endangered mountain gorilla. Read More

Source of Nile River Jinja Uganda

3 Days Jinja city tour Uganda
3 days Jinja city Tour Rafting and Bungee jumping safari takes you to jinja the home of best tourist’s attraction. Jinja has a lot of attraction that include the source of the Nile which is in River Nile. Read More

Murchison Falls Safari

3 Days Murchison Falls Safari
3 Days Murchison Falls Safari – The 3 day safari to the largest national park in Uganda and the best park for short tours. Murchison falls National Park is located along the Nile. Murchison falls is home to many savanna animals and wildlife. Read More

Sipi Falls Uganda

3 Days Sipi Falls and Coffee Tour
Sipi Falls are located in Eastern Uganda in Kapchorwa district. The falls are in the northeast of Sironko and Mbale district and the falls have got three series of waterfalls. Sipi falls lie on the edge of Mountain Elgon National Park. Read More

ssese islands

3 Days Ssese Island safari
Ssese Island is located in Northwestern park of lake Victoria and it is approximately 51 kilometers from the main land to the waters of Lake Victoria. Ssese Islands has white sand and beach used for relaxation. Some of the activities you can do from Ssese islands include swimming, nature walks, boat ride and bird watching. Read More

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

3 Days Uganda Gorilla habituation experience
3 Days Uganda gorilla habituation experience, Gorilla Habituation Experience is the process of training wild mountain gorillas to get used to the presence of humans. Uganda is the only country with habituate mountain gorilla and the habituation experience. Read More

Gorilla Uganda Safaris

3 Days Uganda gorilla tracking tour
3 Days Uganda Gorilla Tour in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable forest. Nowhere else in the world will you see Mountain gorillas than the Virunga massif in the Eastern central forests of Africa; Democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Read More

Murchison falls

4 Days Murchison falls Safari
4 Days Murchison falls Safari and Jinja involves visiting Jinja’s source of the Nile, where you will enjoy white water rafting on River Nile and then proceed to Murchison falls national park to visit the Murchison falls and for game drive safari. Read More

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

5 Days Uganda Gorilla and wildlife tour
Mountain gorilla safaris always come top on many adventure travelers’ bucket list of must do tourism activities in Africa for those who want to take on a more physical participation in adventure. It is a field activity, done on foot and gets you more face to face with nature. Read More

Gorilla Trekking experience

7 Days Gorilla and Wildlife Uganda Safari
Mountain gorilla safaris always come top on many adventure travelers’ bucket list of must do tourism activities in Africa for those who want to take on a more physical participation in adventure. It is a field activity, done on foot and gets you more face to face with nature. Read More

ngamba chimpanzee

7 Days Uganda Gorilla Trekking safari
7 Days Gorilla safari and wildlife gives you chance to explore Uganda’s best tourist destination. It will take you to Lake Mburo National Park one of savannah parks, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park home to mountain gorillas and finally end at Queen Elizabeth National Park. Read More

Gorilla Tours in Uganda

8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari
Travelers to Uganda always rate it a supreme tourist destination for Uganda safaris get beyond imagination with a combination of factors like a very hospitable and friendly people from various ethnic cultural backgrounds, a warm, healthy, bright weather at all times and a vibrant wildlife. Read More

Uganda Gorilla Safari

10 Days Uganda Safari
10 Days Uganda Tour, our Gorilla Cousins safari driver will pick you up from your hotel or another agreed pick up point. You will begin an approximately 5 hour exciting Uganda safari with a brief stop at Equator line crossing area at Kayabwe for photo opportunity. Read More

1 day kampala city tour

1 Day Kampala City Tour – Kampala day trip excursions A 1 day Kampala city tour is one of the richest experiential trips in east Africa. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda which is the pearl of Africa. It is located in central Uganda and on the shores of Lake Victoria. Read more

1 day lake mburo

1 Day Lake Mburo short game drive & boat cruise A one-day lake Mburo safari is one of the amazing safari experiences we have in Uganda. Lake Mburo is the closest park to Kampala and the smallest national park in Uganda located between Masaka and mbarara district. Although it is the smallest, Lake Mburo is known for its very many incredible animal species like impala only found at lake mburo. Read More 

murchison falls safari

1 Day Murchison Falls Safari-boat cruise and game drive One day Murchison falls safaris is an experience. Murchison falls is one of the largest national parks in Uganda, which has many interesting attractions like the water animals for example hippos and crocodiles then the animals on land that are so many in number with each interesting fact that will blow your mind. Read More

ngamba chimpanzee

1 Day Ngamba chimpanzee tour & boat trip Uganda  1 day Ngamba chimpanzee tours boat trip Ngamba Island is beautiful experience for a tourist, Ngamba chimpanzee island is located on Lake Victoria in Entebbe. Ngamba chimpanzee sanctuary is a home of over 50 orphan chimpanzee that were rescued because they were being poached. Read more.