8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris

Brief Description of the Itinerary

Travelers to Uganda always rate it a supreme tourist destination for Uganda safaris get beyond imagination with a combination of factors like a very hospitable and friendly people from various ethnic cultural backgrounds, a warm, healthy, bright weather at all times and a vibrant wildlife population density and species of beautiful mammals, birds, insects and other species inhabiting a very beautiful scenic environment. Little wonder many visitors to Uganda never have enough of what safaris into Uganda offer in a limited time flame, always wishing to come back and recommend their friends and families to visit. Uganda is an ideal destination that has surprise after surprise for everybody. Come experience the best wildlife tour in these 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris to Uganda and you will not be disappointed.

uganda-wildlife =- 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris

Day 1: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park.

On the first day of your 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris, our safari guide will pick you up from an agreed pick up point very early morning and start off your memorable Uganda safari with steady drive out of Kampala taking the northern Uganda route. You will make a detour to Ziwa Rhino sanctuary for a hot coffee and a snack before proceeding on a walk excursion to track the giant rhinos. Meeting up with the rhinos in their wild natural form is a perfect introduction of more surprises to you will encounter on daily basis on this exciting Uganda wildlife safari. Please be informed that big herds of rhinos used to roam savanna plains of northern Uganda but were hunted to extinction during the past insurgent times. The sanctuary is a breeding area for future re introduction into the national parks. You will then proceed and have lunch in Masindi town and then enter Murchison Falls National Park through the southern gate. You will make a detour to the top of the falls and get a different angle to view the falls in, photo opportunity, take a brief excursion of the falls and you will agree you were right to opt for Uganda safari from the tall list. You will cross with the 6.00 ferry and check in at Para Safari lodge for dinner, relaxation and overnight stay.


Day 2: Morning game drive, afternoon launch cruise

On the second day of your 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris, you will wake up at dawn and take a cup of coffee with a snack. Then proceed on a guided game drive to the wilderness on the lookout for mammals, birds, insects and other species. Murchison falls has an amazing biodiversity including open savannah grassland, grassland woodland, aquatic vegetation all inhabited by several mammal, bird and insect life. Albert Nile and Lake Albert are teeming with fish, water mammals and are a resting place where all moving wildlife in the park cool off the heat from the scotching sun. Most lucky visitors into the park meet 4 of the Big 5 Mammals in Africa; Lions, Elephants, Leopards and Buffalos and by this time you will have viewed all the 5 including the rhinos making safari into Uganda prime option for nature adventure seekers.

You will then get back to hotel for lunch and then proceed on the 2.00 launch cruise on the Nile to the bottom of the falls. This is an exhilarating experience with many water birds decorating the skies and giant yawning hippos with sun bathing crocodiles on the banks. You will then get back to hotel and gently let the excitements of Uganda safari sink in and consume you as you await dinner and overnight stay.


Day 3 Transfer to Fort Portal

On the third day of your 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris, you will take an early breakfast at leisure and cross with the 8.00 ferry for the start of a long, slow safari to Kibale National Park. The road is gravel and not necessarily very smooth needing extra attention and keenness to reach very safely. All along the journey there are surprises after every surprise to keep your eyes very busy all through with big herds of long horned cows, beautiful African homesteads and crop plantations standing out. You will reach Fort Portal in time for lunch, freshen up and straighten your bodies. You will then proceed to a hotel close to Kibale National Park; a big surprise in itself, and check in.

Day 4: Chimpanzee tracking, evening community walk.

On the fourth day of your 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris, take a light breakfast and with packed lunch our guide will drop you at tracking area trail head for briefing. You will enter the equatorial rain forest with ranger guides on the dot of 8:00 and get on the lookout for chimpanzees. Kibale forest is very rich in biodiversity and home to more than a dozen primate species besides forest elephants, forest buffaloes, bush pigs, other mammal species, a variety of forest birds and lots of insects; most notable butterflies. Time taken on chimpanzee tracking safaris cannot be ascertained and sighting them may take anywhere between a few minutes to more than half day walk or not sighting them altogether (a very rare occurrence). You will then get back to hotel to relax, shake off fatigue and have lunch. You will then take an evening guided walk in a community based wildlife sanctuary and get personal with the indigenous people living close to chimpanzees. Get back to hotel to relax, meditate on the positives of choosing safari to Uganda as you await dinner and overnight stay.


Day 5: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

On the fifth day of your 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris, you will have breakfast at leisure and check out of the hotel. You will explore the crater lakes region as you head towards Queen Elizabeth National Park with better views of Rwenzori Mountains on your side. You will have lunch en route in Kasese town and a brief stop at Equator line crossing area at Kikorongo to cross from north to south hemisphere barefooted and get memorable photos for Uganda safari. You will check in to the park and proceed to explore the Kikorongo crater areas for sightseeing and view mammals get into evening activity. You will then proceed to Mweya peninsular; a breathtaking destination surrounded by natural beauty that guarantees total calmness, excitement and charm. Check in at Mweya Safari Lodge for relaxation, dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6: Early morning Game drive, afternoon launch cruise

On the sixth day of your 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris, wake up with the first light of the morning. Take a hot cup of coffee with a light accompaniment and set off to optimize opportunities of seeing as many wild mammals as possible and have the best of Uganda wilderness safari. Watch the predators on active hunt of prey before the heat of the day and the prey are very much aware of this and extra alert of deadly surprise attack. Other mammals are lazily grazing on beautiful fresh savanna grassland softened by the morning dew, with lots of bird species painting the skies with eye catching colors while others are perched atop beautifully scattered acacia trees. You will get back to hotel to freshen up, relax and enjoy your lunch. You will get on the afternoon launch cruise and get safely more close to mammals as they cool off the heat of the day on the shores of Kazinga Channel and maximize your opportunities of viewing more water bird species. You will then head back to the hotel to another stunning sun set and cool off the heat of the day and shake off fatigue by the swimming pool. Relax and enjoy your Uganda safari till lights fade.


Day 7: Transfer to Lake Mburo, Evening boat cruise

On the seventh day of your 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris, enjoy your morning sleep and have a late breakfast. You will check out of hotel and park and head to Mbarara with brief stops at Kichwamba escarpment and Igara Tea plantations for scenic viewing and maximizing your opportunities of enjoying Uganda safari. You will have an African buffet lunch en route and drive on to your hotel in or close to Lake Mburo National Park. You will go on an exciting boat cruise on the lake and later on a late evening game drive and check out wildlife do about their activities. Thickets of Lake Mburo offer is one of the best places to explore for a safari into Uganda and home to a variety of beautiful mammals most notable leopards, buffalos, zebras, giraffes, elands, topi, waterbucks, hippopotamus and a lone lion a very rare sighting that would make your tour one of the luckiest. There are 5 lakes in this protected area whose aquatic and generally luxuriant grasslands are ideal sighting places for hippos and shy Sitatunga antelope and a variety of birds. You will then head back to hotel for dinner and overnight stay.


Day 8: Morning game drive, transfer to Kampala

On the last day of your 8 Days Uganda Wildlife Safaris, wake up at cock crow and with a hot cup of coffee and a snack get into the waiting car. You will take on a ranger guided game drive into the wilderness. Listen attentively as he interprets nature for you while combing the thickets to make as many wildlife sightings as possible. A site not to miss is the well known salt lick area where at an opportune time you may sight more than 4 different mammal species taking in some rare body nutrients by licking soil. You will get back to your hotel for a late breakfast and check out of hotel and bid farewell to wildlife as you head to Kampala. You will have a lunch break at the Equator line crossing area, get rare photo opportunities and cross from south to northern hemisphere on foot. You will then drive steadily towards Kampala city, arriving early evening. The driver will drop you at an agreed point marking end of your Uganda safari.