Why Gorillas are going to extinction

Shall we sit or fight hard? Despite the efforts being implemented day by day to curb the constant death of mountain gorillas in east Africa, the poachers and other elements are not sleeping too. The mountain gorillas’ statistics keep dropping instead simply because may be the negative elements to mountain gorilla’s conservation are still strong.

For any traveler that hears that mountain gorillas are getting extinct almost having encountered with them won’t rest. There is an embedded sweet memorable encounter these giant primates give you that you would love hanging around them over and over.  They are lovely family creatures that live in the mountains and are currently on the verge of extinction. There are lots of factors that are affecting or a threat to the existence of gorillas and the major one is man. Today Gorilla cousins Rwanda discusses on some of the reasons why mountain gorillas have been declared endangered and the threats to their survival.

Habitats loss: A lot of people live in the remote areas where mountain gorillas are found like Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, Volcanoes national and Virunga national park. Their population keeps on magnifying due to high birthrate thus the need for land to cultivate increases forcing them to advance ti the forests where the mountain gorillas call home for settlement thus pushing them away to areas with no food and life. Thus rendering them homeless and they end up becoming prey.

Also the continual clearing of the forests ion which where the mountain gorillas live has made them homeless and this destruction affects the reproduction process because they are not certain of the future and the instability affects them too.

Traditional medicine: This is caused by the traditional healer that deceive the locals that some parts of the mountain gorillas cure some main ailments. Several parts of the gorillas are highly sought for magical charms by the traditional healers and this has also posed a threat to their existence. Weird merciless people killing the humble apes for nothing!

Gorilla Threats

In addition to being hunted for meat, mountain gorillas are also illegally hunted for trophies and live infants.  This is where people kill them to show their strength or power. In so doing they may kill a silver back of the group and therefore affecting the reproduction process or they make kill the mature ones living the young ones with no help.Many people especially in DRC hunt the gorillas for meet and this has put a lot of threat to their existence.

 Oil & gas exploration: so painful to type and so hurtful to type but so valid that our own governments are at times responsible for the erosion of our priceless attractive animals in the different areas across east Africa. For example DR Congo granted and awarded European oil and gas companies with exploration concessions in Virunga National Park yet they know this is a home to Democratic Republic of the Congo’s mountain gorilla population.  Though the gorilla habitat does not fall within an oil concession, development in the park could negatively affect the animals’ security. Yet still the terms and conditions put to ensure that the mountain gorillas here are not so immensely affected are not so open and known and if we do not define ways to solve this, we shall lose the mountain gorillas in DR. Congo to selfish statesmen.

Kahuzi Biega national park

 Wildlife trade: Mountain gorillas are also targeted for illegal wildlife trade. Sometimes they are killed accidentally as these poachers are trying to kill other animals like the elephants and the like. This unrest in their habitat scares them away and they run to areas with minimal survival for them hence death.

one of the precautions put across for all travellers interested in  going for a gorilla tracking safari is that you must be health wise okay mostly from the airborne diseases because the mountain gorillas are affected by these diseases too. However, Many have paid a deaf hear to this. And today, as more people move into their habitats, and more tourists come to see them, mountain gorillas are becoming increasingly exposed to a variety of human ailments. Worse still, they stay in the jungle and hard to ascertain since they tend to move thus causing continual death of mountain gorillas. However the good news are that there are so many efforts being put in place to curb the extinction of the mountain gorillas because they are being treated. You can also be of help contact us at Gorilla cousins Rwanda and we make the whole safari or donation arrangement to the treatment of these jungle giants of east Africa.

Senkwekwe gorilla orphanage center 6

War & instability: Although the refugees left the camps around Virunga National Park in the early 1990s, the constantly continuous political unrests and the presence of armed militias in the jungles of Virunga forest national park is making survey as well as conservation efforts so very difficult  in the DR Congo’s protected areas. Worse still, this militias also kill the gorillas for bush meat that drastically is leading to the loss of the mountain gorilla species in the wilderness of the Virunga national park. For any traveler that does not know the value of joining hands to conserve these rare species of giant primates can arrange safari for gorilla trekking with Gorilla cousins Rwanda and you get the best encounter and memories of your lifetime in the presence of the mountain gorillas in the jungles of either Virunga national park, volcanoes national park or Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda. There is undeniably incomparable experience in the presence of the mountain gorillas. For any gorilla trekking safari, engage us at the Gorilla cousins Rwanda for the ultimately experiential safari.